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Submission + - An IPod for every kid in Michigan

Phantombrain writes: CNet is running an article that Democrats in the legislature are proposing spending 38 million dollars for MP3 players for every student in the state. This is while the state is in debt by one billion dollars. Pack your bags!

Submission + - New alloy for faster chips

Phantombrain writes: CNet has an article about how IBM has developed an alloy that allow for faster computer chips. From the article:
The advantage of the new material, according to the scientists, is that it can be used to create switches over 500 times faster than today's flash chips. Moreover, the prototype switch developed by the scientists is just 3 nanometers high by 20 nanometers wide, offering the promise that the technology can be shrunk to smaller dimensions than could be attained by flash manufacturers.

Submission + - Researchers find way around government firewalls

Phantombrain writes: There is a CNN article about a new program, Psiphon, allowing people in restricted countries to more easily circumvent government firewalls.

From the Article: "Deibert said Psiphon works by first allowing a person in a country like Canada that does not censor Internet content to set up a user name and a password for a person in a country that does — China, for example.

The Canadian user would then pass on the information to the Chinese user, who would log on to the Canadian's computer and effectively use it as a server to browse the Internet without being censored by the Chinese government."
Sounds like a proxy server, but easier to set up.

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