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Submission + - TomTom Tracks You and Reports Your Speed (

Phairdon writes: This news story shows that TomTom tracks and stores your driving habits and then reports that data to whoever wants it. In this case, TomTom is reporting speed data of their customers. "The average speed of a driver on Alabama interstates is 69.6 mph, according to an analysis of speed data in the U.S. by TomTom, a marketer of GPS navigational devices.The average speed nationally exceeded posted limits, but data show most drivers stay within the 65 or 70 mph speed limit — except in Mississippi, where the average speed is 70.1 mph. The next highest average speeds are in New Mexico, 70 mph; Idaho, 69.9 mph; Utah, 69.7 mph; and Alabama."
The US government has already talked about tracking your driving with GPS for taxes , so how long until the GPS data is automatically fed into the state troopers office and a ticket is automatically sent to your home address if your vehicle goes over the speed limit?

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