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Comment Who will build that router? (Score 1) 92

So you want a router on level 7 that does a asymmetric crypto on every client_hello that's passing by. Even if such a machine existed and the border ISPs were compensated for additional costs caused by it, I doubt they'd put up with it. Traditional technologies like TOR or VPNs are already available and seem a lot less insane than "Telex".

Submission + - Hacker w/ 675k Stolen Credit Cards Gets Ten Years (

wiredmikey writes: A hacker that had been found with more than 675,000 stolen credit card numbers that reportedly led to loses totaling more than $36 million, was sentenced on Friday to 120 months in prison. After pleading guilty on April 21, 2011, Rogelio Hackett Jr., 25, of Lithonia, Georgia, was slapped with a maximum prison sentence and ordered to pay a $100,000 fine.

According to court documents, U.S. Secret Service special agents executing a search warrant in 2009 at Hackett’s home found more than 675,000 stolen credit card numbers and related information in his computers and email accounts. Hackett admitted in a court filing that since at least 2002, he has been trafficking in credit card information he obtained either by hacking into business computer networks and downloading credit card databases, or purchasing the information from others using the Internet through various carding forums.


Submission + - Novacut - pro DSLR cloud based video editor (

esvinge writes: "Novacut is an attempt to create a professional video editing client geared towards artists on the Ubuntu Linux platform. It's specifically targeting the DSLR work flow to improve it and utilize cloud based distributed editing as well as local editing. It's going to be free software and they're seeking funding via kickstarter with people giving 300$ access to their cloud based beta test. Definitely an interesting idea as an alternative to most of the professional video editing suites out there."

Submission + - The Future of Identity Verification (

Orome1 writes: When someone mentions biometrics, the first thing that comes to mind to many people are physical characteristics on the basis of which people can be unequivocally differentiated and identified: DNA, finger and palm prints, iris shape, and more. All in all, characteristics that people don't have control over. But as useful for verification and identification as these characteristics are in the real world, the online one is another matter. The technology behind their exploitation for online authentication is still simply too difficult and too obtrusive to integrate and use and, let's face it, too costly. Still, there is another class of biometrics that can prove to be useful and way easier to use for this particular purpose — behavioral biometrics. It's no wonder, then, that a lot of companies have set their sights on developing a solution that will use keystroke dynamics for identifying or verifying users, often in conjunction with other authentication factors.

Submission + - 8-Bit Nintendo Homage Sand Sculpture (

An anonymous reader writes: This sand sculpture was built as an homage to the 8-bit games which served as a foundation for those insanely complex games we enjoy today. Sure, there was Pong and Pac-Man and such, but the Nintendo Entertainment System seems to draw the most nostalgia from modern gamers. I’m sure that’s also because some of the characters created then, such as Mega Man, Link, and Mario, continue to be featured in high-profile games today.

Submission + - Uh oh! Android password data stored in plain text. (

jampola writes: "So The Hacker News is reporting that Android password data is being stored as plain text in it's SQlite database. The Hackers news says that "The password for email accounts is stored into the SQLite DB which in turn stores it on the phone's file system in plain text.Encrypting or at least transforming the password would be desirable." — I'm sure most would agree encrypted password data in at least SHA or MD5 would be kind of a good idea!"

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