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Comment Re:Translation from tin-foil-hat-speak ... (Score 1) 85

by the way, did you check this out yet?:

"U.S. scientists on Tuesday unveiled the world's first computerized human brain map, an online public resource developed to accelerate understanding of how the human brain works and in hopes to tackle neurological diseases like Alzeimer's and Parkinson's. Funded by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen, the 55-million-U.S. dollar project, named the Allen Human Brain Atlas, identifies 1,000 anatomical sites in the human brain, backed by more than 100 million data points that indicate the particular gene expression and underlying biochemistry of each site, said the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Brain Science. The human brain map released so far is only male."

Comment Re:Translation from tin-foil-hat-speak ... (Score 1) 85

I dont think anybody can understand the severity of this issue!!!
This is like having a government police inside doors 24/7!

Then it comes the Thought Police - which is technically more easy to do then one can imagine! Human brain functions between 6 and 16Hz if im not mistaken!
That console can obviously have an upgrade and have your thoughts scanned! So if you live in the US and have bad thoughts you can expect that your gonna go to jail in the next 5 years! This is the complete loosing of Freedom incrementally implemented step-by-step and we are all sleeping a very deep sleep! Some talk about conspiracy theories, the way i see it is a Conspiracy alright but not a Theory, it's a fracking Fact!!!

If one combine Google, Youtube, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple you got a world profiling database!(scared) And if you research who are the people behind these companies and how were they founded, you will be even more scared! They all tied up with the old (facelifted-Gestapo) CIA!!!
It's not about "well i dont have nothing to hide so i dont mind to be profiled", ask the Germans how all started when Hitler raise up to power!
America's constitution is being shredded day by day, law by law, with these corrupt (poor little souls) men in government by the very people who finance these kind of companies and finance projects with the obviously intent of controlling the world's information! Think about this, if you do not have a bad intent why in the world do you need to profile the whole population? This is not just a matter of philosophical questions, it is a matter of consciousness!

Wile people are so occupied with Tv, Football, Shopping, eating unhealthy food, drinking, drugs, etc... they make their "Adult" moves behind the scene, but they do it in a way that people actually embrace it; "oh its farm-ville, so fun, lets share our weekend photos, lets post ridiculous comments spreading all our actions in our daily lives to the same people that covertly robed 2.3 Trillion dollars!!!

Wake tha fuck up!!! Because the later you wake up, the more horrifying you gonna get!!!

Open Source is the way!!!

may the force be with you!

Comment Re:Scary (Score 1) 151

do you really think that the fact that you can't get the batteries of of an iphone is merely a coincidence? Or does windows updates only flow information about updates? what about google, the monopoly of the worlds social-professional research information, what about facebook, the monopoly of the worlds social information, tweeter what are you doing right now??? WTF?????

People lost their senses long time ago, the Nazi's never lost the war, they infiltrated the US through Operation Paperclip and are still rulling the Earth. Some call it "Conspiracy Theory", others call it Conspiracy Facts!

US is today's Nazi Germany headquarters, and the US citizens are being enclosure in an impossible way of escape. there is no were to run or to hide! Who wont comply will be terminated!!!

Zig, Heil!!!

Comment Re:Could be worse (Score 1) 151

if i were you, i wouldn't give them to much to think about...seriously they could eventually conduct another fake research stating that an anal probe will be the only way to define who is and who is not a "terrorist".

"good morning sir, you will now be inserted, please breed deep!"
"no but, wait, i'm not a ...wooooowoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!"

Comment Maybe this would help!? (Score 1) 606

well, if your a sysadmin i would suggest planning a good strategy of hardware in similar to this:

1- Most important is motherboard - would suggest selecting a recent, stable and good motherboard combined with 'affordable' if possible letting you upgrade new processors and ram in the next 18 months.
2- Processor type - this will be chosen after you know exactly what users really need to run on their machines. If you have a machine running OCS-Inventory and GLPI you will have the most described data you need. At this time i would go for a mid-end Core 2 Duo as the average user wont be doing much more than office applications (this will depend on each department is running) that run on server side, so they will be running at most client software that connects to servers. stick with a socket that can be upgraded at least by double processing speed.
3- In case you have developers teams, i would suggest the same hardware layout with top processors and plus more ram. i believe the average user would need like core2duo @ 2.13Ghz and 2 Gb ram, just change the processor for the development team like core2duo @ 3.2Ghz and 6Gb ram plus and fast hard drives (this will be a must for running SQL servers and stuff..)

i honestly would assemble a hardware/support team, choose a really nice vendor for a no-brand pc's. The costs will be much lower and you will have what you need for that period of time and more. you just need to have a good plan and really know what users really need to run on each different department. use GLPI and OCS together.

4- OS - Just use Microsoft or any kind of proprietary OS if you really can't substitute it for a Open Source solution, like infra-structure services, file servers, etc.. this will cut your costs a lot to.

good luck :)

Comment Re:OK, dumb question after reading the article (Score 1) 747

The problem is privacy, control, FREEDOM! imagine the net as a world you just borned in, does your brain actually accepts the fact that you have to pay for a something in a world that you bourned in, free as a bird? Plus, the first step is to make you accept privacy policy's, second step is to make you pay a little amount of money, next thing you will do is to pay a your ass off just for navigating on the super controlled web. But yet, you dont even mind about it because you are plugged into the matrix and your just worst than sheep... QARFNVC

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