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Comment Maybe I'm just out-of-touch... (Score 1) 236

How is it that today's average 3+GHz 8-core badass CPU can be hobbled like that?

My jerry-rigged 486 DX/4-100MHz machine of 20 years ago didn't have that problem. What the hell am I missing?

My Pentium MMX 166MHz machine a year later was even less-handicapped.

GPUs, SSDs, there should be no excuses ... what crucial bit am I missing? I'm serious. I haven't written any code in a very long time and something critical got overlooked.

Comment Netflix And Chill (Score 1) 226

In this age of everyone having a camera in their pocket, theaters don't really offer privacy like they used to.

That, and when I was a teen, the biggest TV I had access to was a 46" front projection POS from the early 80s and it required blackout curtains it was so dim. The next-largest "real" TV was a 25". I picked up a 70" 4K set during the holidays last year that blows away any cinema experience I've ever had, short of d-box seats. That and the fact we're no longer stuck with VHS kind of castrates the only thing cinema had going for it.

Plus, I can make my own damn popcorn with real butter for way less than a dollar for a big-ass bowl.

Comment I don't even mind those unskippable 30 second ads (Score 1) 168

But I sure as shit hate when they play before (and even after) a video that's less than a minute long.

If I'm about to watch Louis Rossmann repair a logic board or dish about business for half an hour, that's fine.
If I'm about to watch Vanoss, Delirious, et al get up to their gaming shenanigans for half an hour, that's also fine.
But if I'm watching a cat video a few seconds long or checking to see if the remix video I found is the one I'm after, my patience wears thin in short order.

The number of ads that are showing up as commercial breaks within longer videos is getting ridiculous, too, for that matter.
And the goddamn suggested viewing popup ads "You're watching a BlueStahli/Anthrax/(any metal) lyric video! Might we suggest the new Justin Bieber video?"

Comment Apple's Hummingbird Battery might be a thing then? (Score 1) 300

(Might be obscure. Look up The Onion's "Macbook Wheel" video)

While I'm thinking about it, how is the desktop RAM different from what they already use? Is it just a matter of LPDDR not being able to run as fast of a clock speed because of the lower consumption or are there bandwidth differences unrelated to clock speed and such?

Comment Population density (Score 1, Informative) 468

There's a large portion of the USA that isn't very densely-packed. We can't exactly visit several countries on a single tank of gas. Or four times as many people in the same amount of land area.

You just don't have to drive as far to get where you need to be. And that's what electric cars are great for.

Comment Garmin Vivoactive (Score 1) 232

It's an Apple watch for people who go outside.

The battery lasts a month unless you're using the GPS then you'll have to charge it daily, but it charges very quickly in a magnetic USB cradle with pogo contacts.
The normal kit comes with a heart rate chest strap and you can get cadence sensors, speed sensors, power meters, and such that link with it over radio.
You can load different watch faces, widgets and even program your own.
It has Bluetooth to link with your phone for notifications.
One built-in widget is Find My Phone. If it's close enough to have a Bluetooth connection, your phone will start chiming, vibrating and blinking the camera flash LED.
It's waterproof.
The display is transflective and has a backlight, but as it's made for people who go outside, the display definitely looks better in sunlight.

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