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Comment High-Maintenance but can't give me a blowjob... no (Score 4, Interesting) 248

If it floats, flies, fucks, or prints, it's cheaper to rent it.

I find I print more often after switching away from inkjet to laser. The problem with inkjet was I'd print so seldom that the cartridges would get clogged and that just made me want to use it even less. Why fiddle around for an hour trying to get a good photo print when the Walmart down the street is faster and doesn't go through $5 in ink each time? I had a geriatric (Centronics-50 SCSI; that's how old) Kodak dye sub printer that was less trouble.

I picked up a used business-class HP B/W laser all-in-one for $25 and the damn thing goes like a champ.
For color, I have a Brother laser. I'll sacrifice print quality for reliability any day.

Comment And nothing of value was lost. (Score 1) 420

It's not a good sign when in the first week you find out your Electronics instructor's work experience amounts to Laser tech in the military and former cop in CA. It's even worse when he spends way too much time making jokes about "Siemens" (as in conductance).

Sorry not sorry, fuckers.

Comment Re:Can someone explain the appeal of this game? (Score 1) 79

Now that I think about it, geocaching is a really good way to put it.

A local flower shop has a cool mouse statue in back that I never knew about until GO happened. On top of that, I learned some local history and finally realized that some of the headstones were hand-carved when I visited the Cemetery at night trying to back up the gym there.

And, after the GO side of things, I looked around and noticed the South side was full of solar LED landscape lights, while the North side had very few. Exploring, I found the earliest departure date was in 1986 among those who had the lights in the North. It was more a matter of having living family members, but seeing those later dates nestled among much earlier dates made me realize the burial plots had been reserved far in advance.

Comment Slippery slope? (Score 3, Interesting) 297

When one attempts to make something idiot-proof, nature builds a better idiot. Not necessarily true, but we live in world where innovators are hampered by the chance of being sued by idiots who just-don't-listen.

"Fire is hot", "peanuts may contain peanuts", "online play not rated", "cruise control is not auto-pilot", "autopilot is experimental", etc.

Beta-testing is work.

What I wonder is whether the automated steering fights the driver if said driver takes over to correct a computational error.

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