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Comment Apple's Hummingbird Battery might be a thing then? (Score 1) 127

(Might be obscure. Look up The Onion's "Macbook Wheel" video)

While I'm thinking about it, how is the desktop RAM different from what they already use? Is it just a matter of LPDDR not being able to run as fast of a clock speed because of the lower consumption or are there bandwidth differences unrelated to clock speed and such?

Comment Population density (Score 1, Informative) 302

There's a large portion of the USA that isn't very densely-packed. We can't exactly visit several countries on a single tank of gas. Or four times as many people in the same amount of land area.

You just don't have to drive as far to get where you need to be. And that's what electric cars are great for.

Comment Garmin Vivoactive (Score 1) 232

It's an Apple watch for people who go outside.

The battery lasts a month unless you're using the GPS then you'll have to charge it daily, but it charges very quickly in a magnetic USB cradle with pogo contacts.
The normal kit comes with a heart rate chest strap and you can get cadence sensors, speed sensors, power meters, and such that link with it over radio.
You can load different watch faces, widgets and even program your own.
It has Bluetooth to link with your phone for notifications.
One built-in widget is Find My Phone. If it's close enough to have a Bluetooth connection, your phone will start chiming, vibrating and blinking the camera flash LED.
It's waterproof.
The display is transflective and has a backlight, but as it's made for people who go outside, the display definitely looks better in sunlight.

Comment Space, the final frontier... (Score 3, Interesting) 541

Pay people to serve in a real life version of Starfleet?

Go away for a some number of years and when you come back, you're guaranteed whatever luxury income for life. Space is risky now and will be for quite some time so maybe have it like 5 years for full retirement.

Maybe the ability to have children will be shut off by default from birth by some genetic engineering thing and switched on via some other means after passing a kind of character credit check that's easier to pass if you served in this hypothectical "Starfleet" due to the nature of it.

Today, not everybody gets to be an Astronaut. Tomorrow, not everybody gets to be a parent.

Eventually, maybe Earth will only be home to those who don't have "the right stuff" for space travel and they can live as they please.

The Homo genus eventually gains a new species. Homo Stellaris?

Comment Some men just want to watch the world learn (Score 1) 426

Count me among them. One of my jobs is to eliminate dangerous and tedious work from manufacturing processes. Nobody wants to spend their day grabbing searing hot parts from a welder at one station and stacking them in exact locations after another so they don't get out of order and miss their settling time. That's where robots come in.

People are needed to maintain those robots and the computers they coordinate with. People are also needed to supply the machines with materials. There will always be work to do. There will just be better options than "something to pay the bills for now".

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