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Comment Apple such a shame (Score 1) 711

Listen people like what they like, and thats fine. Regardless the idea that Android users are buying these devices on accident is absurd at best. I accidentally bought a Note 3 for $300?? So now not only are Apple users unable to make their own decisions(see app store farce), but now they can't even buy the correct device? Not sure I'd like that type of customer. I've also noticed that most Apple users, at least the ones in my family tend to blame the issues with their handsets on other devices...

Comment Re:Small SSDs are cheaper (Score 2) 100

SSD's currently can easily be had at $1 a gig, and even less in some cases. That being said a 120g drive is more than enough for your OS and applications/games you run. Edit the registry to load your profile off an secondary drive and viola. SSD hawtness... I saw a marginal increase when I moved to my SSD. I'm a gamer so thats my benchmark mostly; SWTOR for instance loaded a good bit faster.

Comment Re:That was Rand Paul. (Score 1) 199

Government has been in the business of making money for itself for some time. Not the government at large per se, but the senators, congressman et al for sure. Regardless their behavior has been bad, and getting worse for some time. The FCAT in FL is a prime example, the Bush family is tied to the folks that score it.

Comment Re:Best part ... (Score 1) 310

Now if only the other nations would grow a pair, and tell legislators that their picking a fight they can't win. Meanwhile other nations are rushing to pass similar legislation, and the US continues on their IP witch hunt. It's ongoing too, problem is the vast majority of Americans actually think that the government is actually looking out for them. Not to mention voters continue to vote in criminals. My state is likely the worst, our Governor pleaded the fifth some 50+ times during court hearings before even running for office. Yet somehow he's still in office.

Comment Re:is it me or does it seem like (Score 1) 35

I don't think he wants to go back to the stone age, but the EPA and FDA flounder around regularly. They are understaffed for what they are expected to do, and like all politics it's a farce anyway. No ones required to tell you what they've done to the food they sell you, and the drugs on the market now-a-days carry more side affects than cures.

Comment Re:Lies! (Score 1) 164

"Ah! He's full of sh*t!"

I'm hoping this was in the tone of George Carlin's stand up on this matter! I have to second this! Far too often when I "help" friends and family, it's because they can't follow the bloody prompts. Or be bothered to read the forms as they come across their screen. What's that you didn't want to install Fango Bango along with your "freeware"? Or heaven for bid they be sure that 1.) the machine is plugged in, or 2.) that the outlet it's in isn't also tied to a wall switch. Even at work it's very rare I have to think at all, simply due to how clueless my users are.

Comment Re:iOS has yet to be hacked in the wild... (Score 1) 291

Pass that this way.... Bah nevermind..... In other news my Mac is bullet proof!! /sarcasm off .. Every OS is penetrable, hell even the flying drones are getting viruses. As an aside, every smartphone on the market is tracking what you do and who you talk to, and blah blah blah no matter what OS it runs. Google's is by far the worst, but your beloved iPhone is doing the same thing.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 3, Insightful) 142

I agree, their commercial offerings are still real printers. But the consumer side is a nightmare. I wonder how they justify a 300mb driver install in a consumer machine when you compare it to a 90mb install for a commercial plotter printer? Not to mention that the aforementioned 300mb driver install takes nearly an hour when AV is active.

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