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Comment Re:millimeter accuracy (Score 3, Interesting) 111

Not from a magnetic field from any reasonable distance, not by itself, liars.

You need a whole slew of additional sensors to even get close to such accuracies.

The Polhemous Liberty and other devices have been around for a while now and offer 0.03" accuracy with 6DOF:

These only use a single sensor (for a single location, can use many with one base station for multiple points tracking), I've used them for motion tracking and they seem pretty accurate to me. I'm not sure what you consider reasonable range, but considering the Razer system is supposed to be used with a PC, I'm guess you're not counting in the 10s of metres. This system has an optional source which can get you 5 metres of accuracy from the base station.

These are quite expensive (in the thousands of pounds sterling) so would be interesting to see how Razer managed it on the cheap.

Comment Re:antipiracy (Score 1) 320

I've never seen this happen in the 25+ hours I've played Left 4 Dead 2, if it pops up saying you need to login again just shift-tab back to the game.
Otherwise, set Steam to offline mode before starting L4D2, that could help (only single player and LAN play available). Good luck, great game and wouldn't want you to miss out!

Comment Re:Yeah, but where does this get ME? (Score 2, Informative) 973

If you watch live television, you are supposed to pay for a TV license. This includes on DVT or other digital television receivers plugged directly into a PC (it's a television reception license rather than the physical television object license, which does actually mean you can have a TV that's unable to receive broadcast television and not have to pay the license). Iplayer is more tricky due to the ability to stream the live BBC channels, but certainly watching the recorded shows (playback later/catchup tv) is fine without a TV license.

Comment Not 'unfair' (Score 5, Insightful) 267

"The result is often that those who carry out online or casual work do so for surprisingly low rates of pay, with no job security or protection from unfair terms and practices," an employment lawyer told PC Pro.

As these are essentially individual contracts that are not amended at any point, it is easy to see the trade you are making (your time for their money). Although these deals may be bad ones, noone is forced to accept them and so accepting and completing these bad deals is entirely up to the individual. If someone values their time at this low amount, let them!

Comment Re:I wonder how long until it "accidentally" leaks (Score 4, Informative) 1224

Let us say, for the sake of argument, that you live in the middle of the fucking desert a couple of thousand years ago.

You are (by accident of birth) quite high in your society's hierarchy - but a lot of things that we take for granted these days simply don't exist in the middle of this fucking desert.

There's no police force.

There's no farm subsidies (though there are farmers, it's a hard life being a farmer in the middle of a fucking desert).

The last couple of years have been tough - there's virtually no water (though the people in the next country have a number of rivers...). As a consequence, many of your people are starving.

There may or may not be such a thing as conscription, but keeping morale up in your army is damn hard. You can barely feed them, FFS.

There is precious little that would be recognised as a legal system two thousand years hence.

There's no international aid - it's every man for himself.

There's little education - those who aren't from a wealthy background (which 99% of your countrymen aren't) don't necessarily understand exactly how bad things are or how best to improve them.

What your people need to survive is some better farmland. And you know exactly what you need to get it - water. Easiest way to get this is to re-settle as many people as you can next to the neighbour's river. Your neighbour is likely to object, however, so you'll have to take it by force. How on Earth do persuade thousands of people to take up arms and invade your neighbour?

Well, like most leaders you're fundamentally a politician. Two thousand years from now you'd spin your people some line about how this neighbouring country has big scary weapons, but that doesn't work so well here because nuclear weapons aren't going to be invented for some time.

The most powerful thing you have available is your own local myths and legends - which include legends about how the world was created by an all-powerful being. Most of your people believe pretty firmly in them. So you spin them a line about how this all-powerful being has promised them the world - on condition they take on any "non-believers". And by an amazing coincidence, there's a whole bunch of non-believers in the next country.

Comment Re:Isn't that called an... (Score 1) 349

Initial 'h' is actually dropped considerably more frequently in UK English than US English; e.g. "an 'istoric event" in British but "a historic event" in American.

I think you must have only been speaking to cockney geezers from the 30s or watching too much Oliver Twist.. "shine your shoes guv" The majority of the rest of us pronounce Hs almost always and this is often played on for laughs when someone is imitating a 'posh' English speaker.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 5, Informative) 497

Not only this, but Mass Effect 2 for PC was out 4 days before release, entirely cracked and working, rending ALL the effort that went into the DRM scheme useless even on day 1, annoying SOLELY for the legal purchaser.
...This is ridiculous!!
Check out a torrent site for confirmation on this, s'all true.

Comment Re:Well at this rate (Score 1) 438

I'm not sure you technically *are* a criminal if you've just obtained a copy of a film without paying, only if you're uploading during your p2ping are you actually illegally distributing copyrighted material. I'm not sure if there is a law against just having a piece of media without authorization, though if someone more enlightened does know, please respond.

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