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Submission + - Microsoft to buy Skype for $8.5bn (

Petaris writes: A BBC article is breaking the news that Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy Skype for $8.5bn. The company was valued at $2.5bn just 18 months ago and is currently majority-owned by a group of investors, led by private equity firms Silver Lake and Andreessen Horowitz. An analysis by Tim Weber of BBC News accompanies the article and provides some interesting opinions about the purchase.
Article here:

My thoughts on the purchase by Microsoft:
I have used Skype for a long time and when I first read this my first thought was, I wonder how long before the Mac and Linux clients disappear, the service requires a LIVE ID to login, and the free calls are limited in some way unless you pay up. These are ONLY MY CONCERNS and are not part of the article nor is there any indication that this will happen.


Submission + - NASA Glory satellite fails to reach orbit (

Petaris writes: NASA's Glory satellite has failed to reach orbit because of a fairing separation failure. The satellite has likely fallen into the ocean near the Antarctic. The Taurus XL rocket and the Glory satellite were both constructed by Orbital Sciences Corporation. A similar failure occurred in 2009 with NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO).

Additional resources can be found at these locations:
The BBC News article:
NASA's Glory mission overview:
NASA's Glory mission site:


Submission + - OpenOffice worm in the wild.

Petaris writes: ZDNet is reporting that the BadBunny.odg worm discussed last week here on /. ( 6233 ) has been seen in the wild. While it doesn't look like it actually does much other then messing with IRC programs it could always be modified to do something else. However, you would have to be silly enough to open said "BadBunny.odg" document. The story is pretty light and seems to go on about how Mac OS X is not a virus free platform but thought it might be interesting anyway.

Story Link: g=nl.e550

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