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Comment NZ National government (Score 1) 53

The way this National government is going, they are ensuring that the IT industry and the computer geek populace won't be voting for them in the next general election. First the three-strikes internet downloading law, then the Dotcom debacle, and now the government's backtracking on their original anti-software patent stance. All three are seemingly in response to US influence (and most obviously in the case of Dotcom). The NZ Pirate Party and even the Greens are starting to look like good choices.

Comment Re:I appreciate the savings (Score 2) 274

I feel the same way these days. I would say however the industry stopped selling games the moment they started leasing them with limited installs and always-on internet. At least consoles are for the moment free of these shenanigans, although things like OnLive are a publisher's wet dream and once this becomes common place I'm just going to have to opt out all together.

Myself, I've been rediscovering boardgames and TCGs to fill the PC gaming void together with the odd indie game.

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