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Comment Re:How to look routinely good without looking bori (Score 0) 398

I do the exact same thing.

Whenever my socks get old enough to start having holes in them, I throw them *all* away and buy 24 pairs of the exact same low-cut sport black socks. I throw them all in a flexible bin where I have my socks and my underwear. I can always just pick two socks and they always match. It's been like that for years and I'm very happy with my system.

I'd really like to do away with socks, though, but I haven't yet found a pair of shoes that I can comfortably wear sockless that won't chaff my skin (mainly the ankle and toes).

I also only have 2 pairs of jeans: medium and darker (no light jeans for me). That keeps it easy. And then my dress shirts for work all match both pairs of pants and my shoes. I also only buy dress shirts that you don't need to iron (wrinkle free or whatever they call it). I've been using the same set for a couple of years now and when I need to buy new ones I'll throw these away and buy the new ones from exactly the same brand, as long as they are wrinkle free, and in some bland corporate colors.

So for me I've solved the clothing problem. I'm now tackling the food problem, as someone that doesn't eat any fruits or vegetables - it's not easy.

Comment Re:How about we start believing in Human Change? (Score 0) 695

it's our duty as human beings to protect our environment


We only have one Earth. Let's look after it. Isn't that something every human being can agree on?


We shouldn't need any other reason other then it being "the right thing to do" to look after this one rock we have. It's really as simple as that. Let's look after Earth.

No - I don't agree with that. In fact I think just the opposite.

If one thinks climate change is caused by humans then surely such a pathetic life form deserves to be extinguished from the place it can't even take care of. Humans are not special, we're parasites that are (supposedly) destroying their host.

Also, as a human being I don't have any inherent duty as you imply. I didn't choose to be born and thus cannot be held accountable for anything that is going on. This might seem silly to you but you would seriously benefit from some change in perspective, as you seem to be delusional about the role of human beings.

I don't owe anyone anything for having been born and I do not have any duty as a human being.

I am an uninvited guest and I'm under no obligation to clean up after the party is over. Never forget that.

Comment Yawn... (Score -1, Flamebait) 99

People go to famous museums like the Louvre just to tell other people they've been there - not to actually look at the paintings, much less to look at them for the details. It's cool that the paintings are now online so that someone that wanted to print a painting and have a copy of it at home for display is now able to do it. But concerning the level of details for the appreciation by human eyes, no one cares.

Comment Re:No, it's a stupid idea... (Score 1) 845

Remember: no matter what you think about [insert random author here], most people do not care about them.
Or you should just make it simple and rewrite what you said so that it is more readily understandable: "I am awesome because I recognized a Terry Pratchett excerpt, and your not recognizing that is, to me, the most extreme identification error that has ever happened in all of History." I can picture you thinking to yourself "Ha, this poor bastard, doesn't even know a true Terry Pratchett quotation when he sees one. What a clown". Think about what you just said and try to see through it. Consider all things in life and how people are different. Does Terry Pratchett still sound like something very important?

Comment Re:No, it's a stupid idea... (Score 1) 845

Quoting from a book does not make it right/meaningful/relevant. Writing a book does not make its sentences right/meaningful/relevant. That quote basically argues that "thinking of (something) constantly" = "believing in (something)"; and that "belief in something" = "a religious position". But the book does not present any arguments in favor of these theses. It just says it is and that's it. That means it's an empty and pretentious attempt at sounding clever. Much like what you can find in many many other literature books.

Comment Re:Why would one want to come back? (Score 1) 375

I don't have any good reason to continue to live just as I don't have any good reason to stop living. Just because I think it is pointless to come into existence, does not mean I think I should end my life right now. Likewise, I think that after I'm dead, that it's not worth it to come back to existence, being that I now know what living is like and thus have a very strong bias against it.

Comment Why would one want to come back? (Score 1) 375

I don't understand what people think is so awesome about living that would make them want to come back from death for more.
Sure sex is fun, learning is fun, etc. But it's pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again.
It's incredibly boring and pointless and it will continue to be so whenif people are revived.
I won't freeze myself when I die so I don't risk getting revived anytime soon, but being a materialist I can only hope that whenif people have the technology to build every possible brain (that has or will have lived) by recombining atoms in all possible permutations (or maybe inside a simulation), that they never get to revive me either.

Comment Re:Much easier than I thought. (Score 4, Funny) 256

Hey, I just had the craziest idea.

Convert any binary file to base 4 and then convert that to:
0 = A, 1 = T, 2 = G, 3 = C
Or something like that.

And then order a vial of it from one of these companies.
Now you can finally keep all the porn you want inside a tiny container much smaller than a hard drive.
Kind of impractical to access it, granted, but still.
Would it work, or would the "just mix it" part really mix it?
(please reply quickly, I'm running out of hard drive space)

Comment Toughest spam (Score 5, Funny) 176

They can filter out the obvious spam mail, but some spammers are so clever and so well hung - because they've taken some DrMaxMan to acquire an enlarged sexual wand with which you can perform better and be bigger for f.r.e.e - that they can actually embed their spam offers inside real messages in such a way as to be completely undetectable by filters.

Comment Re:Clarification of sale details from "krs" (Score 1, Insightful) 406

The lesson to be learned here is that you can never win against the government, because they have the unique ability of coming up with cool-sounding names for things they just plain don't want you to do just because. "yeah, you can't share trackers without knowing what they're pointing to, because, because... because you can know, you just don't want to, so if you can know then you should know, you can't just choose not to know, because then you get what you want and we don't get to stop you. so I'll name this "willful blindness", because see, you're wanting to be blind to what you're doing, as in, you're choosing not to see the files... get it? pretty cool, I know. but anyway, back to the subject, yeah, you can't do that."

Comment Let's go somewhere else (Score 1) 406

If they're going to charge for downloads, then it's really the end of it. People will just go elsewhere. Why should anyone pay for a service when they have the same for free elsewhere? That's the whole point that created a demand for Pirate Bay in the first place, and it's the same reasoning that is going to destroy it. There's no bland loyalty here. People aren't going to keep tracking torrent from Pirate Bay just because it's Pirate Bay. They're gonna go to where it's free. What a dumb idea... (but then again I know, they got sued, need the money, bla bla bla. but what about me?)

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