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Submission + - political blogs.

PermanentMarker writes: these days blogs are verry popular on the internet. For example newspapers contain a small blog option below their articles, at which hundreds of people react. The same counts for slash dot. One reads an article the first blog replies get read, while the remaining hundred of replies are not likely to be read. Its more a psychological relief i gues people still keep reacting on articles, on which they have no influence since the newspaper text has allready been written. I have no idea why people still post to it, but i dont understand a lot of people thats not my problem its theirs..

On the other side i was thought that the internet would one day unite people in a contstructive way, like for example opensource communities.
However the good old blog somehow fails te reproduce some better text then what it started with.

Just to sketch the framework of the problem a bit.
Imagine a political party would like to end nuclear energy for some reason.
How could a blog handle the hundreds of people having a different or the same political ides, or even convince all the other people.
Therfore i wonder if blogs are on their end these days, and what i mostly wonder do you have allready seen something that could handle the political problem just sketched, so a goverment could make a choice on a subject listening to all those people who gave their more or less important fews (in regard to the other parties view) of such an idea. Such a next system should be able to solve the democratic problems we face today.

Please keep out the posts to be just the first poster,
Or those that leave out a democratic solution for humanity.
Rather dont post many replies, as i wont read it (oh yes i still believe your funny, no need to prove it here)
Oh and i'm sure there are typos here, sadly however i dont care.

(if you like to be a humand degraded to be a spellchecker then i advice to join wikipedia boards)

Comment Re:WHY the hell it cant be heroism ? or goodwill ? (Score 1) 234

There are some diffrerces between people. Those with feeling and those with less feelings
The people you talk about have most of their feeling inside sharestocks, bonus systems, and bailouts. Like you they want to be rich quick. And like you they realy dont like all the dirty work. But instead of you they like the dirty way of getting those bucks.
Its no problem for them to fire you, if that will bring them more money by saving some costs. Its no problem either to sell the company, if it returns a quick win on their balance.

The problem is that current company models even promoto such behaviours, and as a result managed get dirty quick, and terrible. They get short sighted visions of how to manage a company. And mark my works the big companies heve the most trouble with this.

Cause if you layer a company with multiple management layers. all those small managers want to be on top, get a bigger sallary. In the end there is not much listening on what realy happens on the workfloor. People are reduced to numbers, and so bussines plans. The people who should make decisions are surounded by lower management who always agrees on whatever they say. Making such companies verry weak.

If the top people from microsoft or aple, like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs leave their companie. And from a family companie it becomes a pure shareholder company (in about two generations) then all those tiny managers start to fight their way up, with little control on them. Their divisions are so often reorganised, that they only see solutions in going up, to earn more, and to get away from the workfloor. While the workfloor get so many new management styles / reorganisations the people loose their connection with their work too. In the end people dont love the company and often leave as a result. The older technical people take a lot of knowledge with them out of the company, while the company with less technical knowledge strugles to survive with the people that stay...

The problem what causes is the way people get payed a bonus, those systems are for too short time ranges. For example if you sell a part of the company for a shortrun moneymaker. Then you shouldnt earn a bonus for it.. when you remove people you remove knowledge of a company. Even if they where on diffrent tracks then the main focus. Real good management would intergrate their focus to the main track. and so be more diverse.
That will cost you more management time, but will return in more profit in the long run.
However.. by use of "fantastic" tools like SAP and others... people loose the picture on whats realy going on inside companies. REason people can make good disicions on large numbers (thats been proven), our imagination cannt just handle it good, so money gets like invisible inside a company. It comes in but how and why exactly, and on what does it realy depend ?? on who ??.. smoke i tell you..

Its better to rethink bonus systems if you want a company thats stable, in the end you know even a company is a social thing, people forget. People joined it because they wanted to be part of it, to work together. If a bonus system results in anti social behaviour then there is something wrong, its not the goal of the social structure to fall appart, then it becomes less productive, till it even falls down like the banks did.

Comment Goverment funding of Nasa (Score 1) 1026

Well i think the semi commercial-company-funds called Nasa, will get a big fund cut.

Thereby affecting all industries, who bennefit from media who promote life on mars.

Mars is to much used to the public as a fund raiser for those comercial industries in the background. And thats not fair, compared to real required research, on energy, cancer, hiv, globalwarming etc. Its time to focus on the real life bennefit science.

And for some science parts its time to stop talking, but get it working like Geothermal energy plants

Comment try using one type (Score 1) 485

well when i saw all the different formats i decided that every device i would buy should be using the same type.

So PDA Canon camera audio-tower computer all can use CF disk, that's limiting the chaos of many cards.
Usualy they also just stay in their device, only the camera has extra CF's in its bag
So when i go on vacaction i've got some reserve backup cards.

This policy worked well for quite a while.
Until i bought a Mp3 player, which used SD.. the audio tower could allready handle CF and SD but since the player is the only one using mainly that, there is till not much chaos there either.
Basicly the scenario i use is every device one, and the remaining ones endup near my camera.

Comment Re:Good exercise? (Score 1) 439

Distracting isnt any good
What's not good over a long time will hurt you.
You dont believe it i'm sure just count headaches, count fitnesh, how often is a person sick in a year etc..
Or check how good do teenager learn at schools compared to villages.

And you'l find out you'll get stressed there, which has long line of effects on your health.
But because people tend to ignore stress, (some even think they like it) they get ill in the end.
And when at the end of it then they finaly understand stress, and risks of distrations.

So not bad for you, well your not at the end there yet.
Just give it a couple of years and you'll be there.
People who live in a rush usualy do get there.
Altough i hope you wont.

User Journal

Journal Journal: vibration harmonics noise inside desktops. 1

Hi I wonder if anyone ever tried to tackle casing vibrations of a desktop.
I made a silent desktop with only one fan (on the CPU) special aircooled power suply with no fan. Silent disks, but still.. i think these disks each have their own vibrations. And different vibration (wavelength's ) resulting in harmonic effects, and thus i hear buzz once every few seconds. (altough each disk seperate was a silent type too)

Comment alternatives (Score 1) 695

So because the days are cold you like to be able create power for a fridge..
Ehm well depending on where you live, you might be able to actualy use that outside cold, and dont use a fridge.
Simply store it inside a covered deep hole or something like that.
Thats how it was done in the past, then perhaps the remaining energy demand of low power devices
You could maybe solve with solar power, or a dual windpower solution.. since labtops have a batery, they dont require continous power (only your router does.), low power (9V) could also be used for Leds if you get the voltage down a bit more. ... there are also other fridge solution runing on 12V or so, like in camping fridges, that could lower the wattage you need.

Comment Re:Seems silly to use this. (Score 1) 275

Well i work nearby an ISP and they have a few of them. The problem is their expensive, while their energy storage is quickly drained or lets say limited. In case of the ISP, they use them just to prevent a powerdip if the grid goes down, so they have time to start diesel engines for power generation. Anyway take a look at this plant below it is a flywheel plant.

Altough that plant can hanlde peak power fluctuations, it can not handle long perios delivery of energy. The earlier peak powerplant can handle 20 ~40 megawatt.. while a tipical big windmill allready delivers about 2 to 10 megawatt.

.. maybe dough its possible to store the energy inside compressed air ..

Comment it is true (Score 3, Insightful) 580

So its confirmed now the marketing guys from vista has lost their minds. No customer will accept this, luckely by the time it will be ready linux will be grown up. I think later or soon, the monopoly breaks downs the tree is starting to fall. Any empire ends, and i think this could be just the reason fir it.

Comment Re:Install Ubuntu (Score 2, Informative) 823

Your lack of knowledge about windows doesnt make windows bad
For example he could use restore points.
He could set folder permission, to protect against destruction.
Or just some simple backup program like Paragon, and a boot CD.
He might also lock down XP, there are excellent reads about how to do that.
YOu might get a start here
So you could write your own policies, and only allow for certain programs to execute.
Windows is a verry open aplication environment, so how about helping your parents remotely
I help my parents sometimes using when i cannot be there.

Oh and yes my parents use vista, so there is verry little change they will get mallware installed.

Altough i believe microsoft could still improve their OS.
It is still a best choice for older people, due too its interface standards.

Comment Lets talkt about kilowatt and efficiency (Score 1) 275

Well solar power in space is usauly for small spaceships.
One of the biggest spaceships now is the ISS (and its allready trouble to keep it up running)
It prodcuces electric energy using its many solar arrys
It can produce about 32.8 kW of DC power (see wikipedia)
Altough thats a lot for solarenergy, its next to nothing
Compared to the energy required to get it up there.

What if you would use all that energy and craftmanship to build windmills..
Todays big windmills (huge ones) can generate up to 6MW of power. (= 6000 kW)

Mow we're talking watts.. but still a normal powerplant generates about 500 to 1.300MW
So you could remove a small one with about 100 windmills, that sounds perhaps as to much, but actualy there are more airplaines and cars builded each year. So perhaps create windmills for a while instead of cars.. (hmm not such a bad idea)

But with some clever engineering you could produce somehthing that doesnt use wind but seacurrent flow. since water is heavier, it is much more powerfull for propelling a generator.

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