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Comment Re:Interesting result (Score 0, Troll) 488

I work in Climate Science the models suck! The problem here is anyone who questions anything is instantly labeled a 'denier'. So many that have publicly tied their careers to this new religion, they can't bring themselves to admit they don't know as much as they think they do. They ignore any evidence that might contradict there view. And in fact actively suppress any real questioning of there findings. They completely leave out data from remote sensing and Arco buoys because it shows no warming. They openly declare that last year was the 'hottest on record' even though buried in the study the conclusion reached isn't even beyond the uncertainty in their measurements. Taking the uncertainty into account last year was either the hottest or the coldest on record! They also always assume the sun's energy is constant and ignore it almost completely. It all about money and funding. And if you want to continue to publish, you have to follow the party line.

Comment 3% - 9% in 15 years a boom? (Score 0) 327

From the article: "In 15 years, ERCOT predicts between 3% and 9% of its electricity generation will come from the sun, though that could be slowed by low natural gas prices, according to the grid operator and energy company officials.

West Texas “is flat, the land is open, available and cheap and there is a lot of sun” said Raiford Smith, vice president of corporate planning for CPS Energy, a city-owned utility in San Antonio. “It is an ideal place for putting solar.”

So how much is energy consumption increasing nation wide? What about states that aren't flat arid deserts? The goal here I think is to take federal taxpayer funding, produce minimal results and get rich. How many of the solar panels are produced in China or other slave wage countries as opposed to US, EU etc. We would all be getting are our energy from solar if it were really the most cost effective. And not before.

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

OMG! Take off the tinfoil cap. Classified information does not come from random monkeys typing on computers. Information that is on your computer that is classified came from somewhere. When you get a security clearance you get briefings on how to handle classified information. If it passed it on to you, its not you who goes to jail. Its the guy with the knowledge that it was classified who passed it on to you. If your computer is confiscated, don't blame the government blame the person who passed that on to you. And comparing it to copyright is comparing apples to oranges. You are way off base.

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 4, Interesting) 676

What a bunch of crap! She was 'in charge', she had all the available briefings and security clearance. Not only should she have known, she was breaking the law by conducting official business on a private server. I had a Top Secret SCI clearance for years. The first rule is 'if there is the potential that information is classified' treat it as it were classified and safe guard it until such time it is deemed not classified. If I had done what she has I would be in Leavenworth! Its always the same with Clintons they can do what ever the hell they want and idiots will defend them. What do you think would happen to a Military member or even a civil servant if he was caught have sex with subordinate in his office? Bill Clinton was the commander in chief of the armed forces! What a Clinton says one day is no longer true latter. First she said: "I didn't have classified information on it, it is all personal correspondence". Then she said: "None of it was classified at the time" Then she said : "It wasn't marked" Newsflash! If I tell you verbally something classified, its still classified even if I don't have a classification stamp on my forehead! The idiots are those gullible to believe anything she says!

Comment Re:Just the beginning (Score 4, Interesting) 190

Or they get fixed fast, you go to work only to find out your getting replaced by a foreigner , the jobs market will continue to suck but the numbers will be manipulated and the economy will tank just prior to the 2016 election or just after depending on who's turn it it is to flip the switch.

Comment Re:I never use algebra!!! (Score 1) 179

I'd like to see a source for these numbers that you're using as an excuse to give us your political views.

"MissionLocal has a two-page SFUSD flyer on the project, which aims to illustrate the "importance of computer science" with the same jobs infographic that Microsoft used to help achieve its stated goal of creating a national K-12 CS crisis, and demonstrate "disparities in accessing CS education" for SFUSD's 57,000 students with a small-sample-size-be-damned bar chart of the racial demographics of the school district's 209 AP Computer Science participants (181 Asian, 0 African American, 6 Latino, 1 Native American, 14 White, 7 Other)."

Usually one reads the initial story before commenting.

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