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Comment Re:So, a CBP 'plant' can spy on Top Secret? Stupid (Score 1) 627

And you can put top secret information on a phone and just leave the country? I am astounded at the level of stupidity here. He could not carry a government phone carrying any type of restricted information out of the country. When he received that phone he would have had to sign a waiver of all expectation of privacy. But its the Verge reporting on a guys Facebook post. Since his last name isn't Clinton he would be jail.

Comment Re:He didn't have authority to grant permission (Score 1) 627

Not only are you not a lawyer, you also know nothing about export control. This story is crap. Not only does he not have any expectation of privacy on that device he had to sign a waiver saying as much when he was given it. And if there were anything sensitive on it he would be in jail not posting on Facebook.

Comment Re: Export Controls? (Score 1) 627

B.S. I work for NASA and was previously in the Air Force. You cannot take a government phone with any kind of restricted information on it. Period, end of discussion. Since nobody at the Verge did much in the name of research beyond this guys Facebook posts, I wouldn't be surprised if a whole lot of information about this incident isn't left out. When I went out of the country on business I was specifically given a laptop that had nothing that could not be viewed by the public. I was also told and signed a form that stated I would not put any classified or restricted information on it and that I had no expectation of privacy. Its government property not yours, what if the the Chilean government had detained him? He is going to tell them no? That's why we have regulations in place on taking devices out of the country. In fact if you take your own phone you still have to sign a form saying your doing so and the it is not connected to a government email account. Every year we take a refresher course on the rules.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 4, Insightful) 156

And using bleach bit to permanently delete emails wasn't destroying evidence? Even though it was a fools errand because it existed on recipient computers is beside the point. There was a clear intent there to conceal. So yes there is a very big double standard. A Navy guy in Portsmouth VA was convicted and all he did was connect his tablet to receive emails in the field. No intent, no destroying evidence, just mishandling. I can recount an airman getting an article 15 for leaving a safe unlocked. The safe was in a secure facility designed to allow and store classified information. Basically a safe inside a vault. Career ruined over a simple lapse.

Comment Re:Coal workers (Score 1) 504

Those "dumb rednecks" could always manufacture guns. Wouldn't that be nice. From the election map by counties most liberals are either completely surrounded or have only an ocean at their backs. I bet only a portion of the billions spent subsidizing solar could build a very good filter for miners to use.

Comment Re:Interesting result (Score 0, Troll) 488

I work in Climate Science the models suck! The problem here is anyone who questions anything is instantly labeled a 'denier'. So many that have publicly tied their careers to this new religion, they can't bring themselves to admit they don't know as much as they think they do. They ignore any evidence that might contradict there view. And in fact actively suppress any real questioning of there findings. They completely leave out data from remote sensing and Arco buoys because it shows no warming. They openly declare that last year was the 'hottest on record' even though buried in the study the conclusion reached isn't even beyond the uncertainty in their measurements. Taking the uncertainty into account last year was either the hottest or the coldest on record! They also always assume the sun's energy is constant and ignore it almost completely. It all about money and funding. And if you want to continue to publish, you have to follow the party line.

Comment 3% - 9% in 15 years a boom? (Score 0) 327

From the article: "In 15 years, ERCOT predicts between 3% and 9% of its electricity generation will come from the sun, though that could be slowed by low natural gas prices, according to the grid operator and energy company officials.

West Texas “is flat, the land is open, available and cheap and there is a lot of sun” said Raiford Smith, vice president of corporate planning for CPS Energy, a city-owned utility in San Antonio. “It is an ideal place for putting solar.”

So how much is energy consumption increasing nation wide? What about states that aren't flat arid deserts? The goal here I think is to take federal taxpayer funding, produce minimal results and get rich. How many of the solar panels are produced in China or other slave wage countries as opposed to US, EU etc. We would all be getting are our energy from solar if it were really the most cost effective. And not before.

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