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Comment Re:Multi-pass (Score 1) 46

Haha, I can see it now, there will be people against synthetic or hybrid cybernetic parts but consider the organic ones ok, or something akin to people preferring a more "natural" or homeopathic solution like they do today.

Sure they're going to be against the hybrid parts- Don't forget who's working on this stuff.

Do you really want "Upgrade now to Microsoft Cornea 15" popping into your field of vision when you're trying to control your flying car?

God help us if they bring Clippy back: "I see you're trying to perform intercourse with a defective pecker- would you like to upgrade?"

Comment Re:Sign the petittion... (Score 1) 801

Strawman argument by unpopular dumbass?

Hey, lighten up on the guy. He needs to make sure that his insightful yet under-appreciated reasoning brings the ignorant into the light, while the crowd surrounding him nods appreciatively (with polite golf claps) at his insights.

If it takes equating a popular petition to prosecute (that he doesn't care for) with fascism, well... the ends justify the means; that's the price that's gotta be paid for someone to -finally- appreciate the worth of his insightful insights & intellect.

Comment Re:uh, what? (Score 1) 55

So, let me get this straight, a major electronics company brings out a new product - and crowdfunds it? Seriously?

Hey, there's no shortage of suckers that will buy into it. I would bet that Exxon could find idiots to crowdfund a refinery. At the $10-level, you get a t-shirt and a certificate of appreciation.

Comment Re:ban drones (Score 1) 55

Personally i would ban stupid and selfish people.

Don't be so short-sighted. We need stupid and selfish people- They're like honeybees: You make cute little boxes for them to live in, make sure they have enough flowers to play with, and every so often you blow smoke up their collective asses while you take their honey. Repeat as needed.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 45

Yes because Donald Trump is going to need all of our spare taxpayer money to build a huge wall, purge non white people from amerikkka, and also to bomb Iran, and start WW3 with the North Koreans. .

My goodness, you say all that like it's a bad thing... I mean, come on- we wouldn't want to build a small wall, "purge the non white people" from Iran, bomb North Korea, or start WW3 with "amerikkka", would we?

Seriously- Thanks for your input, but we already know Trump's an ass-hat. When you're finished handing out fliers for the second coming of Jesus and Bigfoot, be sure and get your meds refilled.

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