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Comment Where is the 0-cent option (Score 1) 248

Your whole test is flawed from the start because there is no 0-cent option. You assume that every web page has some value to everyone who visits it. The reality is that most pages on the web have zero value to most people who visit them. That is particularly true of pages visited from a search engine or a link from another web page.

Comment Re:And in other news (Score 1) 166

I'm sorry, but politicians are exactly the people we should be holding to absurdly high standards. I get sick and tired of politicians and their political monkeys whining every time they do something that they should have known better than to do, get caught, and get taken to task for it. I get sick and tired of politicians and their political monkeys saying that they are only human. When you represent the people, when your choices and decisions affect people by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or more, then you should not be one of the boys (or girls). You should stand over and above them all - morally, intellectually, ethically, and at every step along the way you should ask yourself if what you are doing is good, right, ethical, intelligent, and so on. If you don't know you should ask, learn, and explore. You should constantly strive to improve your best, not just be your best. That's a big part of what's wrong with this country (USA) and others, we repeatedly elect good old boys, like-able folk, charismatic fools, and then repeatedly forgive them for their repeated low-life, immoral, indecent, irresponsible failings. The people we elect to represent us should be the best of us, not the best at bs'ing us.

Comment Re:There is no fabric! (Score 2, Funny) 627

My people are taught that it's a fluid, not a fabric. When particles pop into existance, or exist as matter, in our dimensional space their probability function becomes highly localized and creates a "void" between dimensions and a pressure density gradient at that point in space. This pressure forces the fluid of space to flow into these voids and it's this flow of space fluid that creates and explains the drag known to us as gravity.

We are also taught that if enough matter is brought together in a region of space the flow of space fluid into other dimensions becomes so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape the currents. We call these objects deep blue holes. Technically they are black because no light escapes, but we're smurfs and we think we're cool, so since cool blacks are bluish blacks we call them deep blue holes.

I'm pretty sure I got that explanation right. Brainy lectures on and on about it but it's hard to pay attention when the discussion is about deep blue holes... Smurfette sits next to me... droooooool....

Comment Re:Doing the math (Score 1) 147

You obviously don't farm in the midwest though. Farmers have to spend as much time in the fields as possible to tend their crops. They can't spend 50% of their summer sitting inside because the national weather service radio says there's a thunderstorm watch covering a few hundred square miles in their area. They can't spend 20% of their summer sitting inside because there's a thunderstorm warning covering a portion of the same. If severe storms are cropping up during a critical week of harvest they can't afford to run inside every time an isolated thunderstorm cell or a tornado comes within 20 miles of them. Those local weathercasters that endlessly interrupt our favorite shows with detailed radar and storm tracks annoy the heck out of us, but they help the farmers that grow our crops to safely stay in the fields long enough to grow and harvest their crops and stay in business.

Comment Re:FireFox is right. (Score 1) 413

I struggle to conceive of a situation where it would actually be useful

It will print an image across multiple pages - something that a surprising number of "better" applications won't do. I hadn't ran, much less actually used, paint in years until my 72 year old largely computer illiterate father told me about this. Now I use it several times a month to "blow-up" web graphics and crochet patterns large enough that my mom can see to use them as guides in her hobbies and crafts.

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