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Comment Re:"Fairly cheap" A/V-to-HDMI converters (Score 1) 117

Even many TVs with appropriate inputs will not scale the output of old game consoles properly. Old game consoles used non-standard hacks to get 240-line progressive video out of a 480-line interlaced display. Many newer TVs will incorrectly interpret these "240p" signals as 480i signals and attempt to deinterlace them. This not only results in terrible picture quality but also introduces a ton of lag. You need a proper upscaler to correct this.

Comment Re:"Fairly cheap" A/V-to-HDMI converters (Score 1) 117

Well, input lag exists and can be measured, that much is not up for debate. Whether you notice will depend on the severity of the lag, the types of games you play, and, to put it bluntly, how skilled you are. You can adapt to a certain degree of lag, but once it gets very bad, it will impact your ability to play the twitchy action games that were the bread and butter of the Sega Genesis. Cheap upscalers tend to add several frames of latency on top of your TV's latency. It's cumulative and can easily add up to over 100 ms, which even casual players will notice.

Comment Re:Such a thing as "too hot" (Score 1) 348

I'll have to disagree. For me, at least, heat is not a distraction because it's not an actual flavor that can overpower other flavors. It's simply another dimension of the experience and makes certain foods more interesting. I suppose if you're not used to eating spicy food you might have a problem with it being a distraction, but I can assure you it's entirely possible to thoroughly enjoy subtle tastes and textures of even very spicy food.

Comment Re:1998 just called... (Score 1) 110

I can definitely corroborate your findings. I also have an Eee 900A (with the even slower 4GB SSD) that I use to do my engineering homework when I'm away from my desktop. It can't even run Windows XP SP3 to a useful extent, but Arch + KDE 4.6 is perfectly usable with all the eye candy turned on (except blur, which is a known bug with the Intel drivers, apparently). I don't see much of a performance difference versus Gnome, either.

Comment Are they serious? (Score 1) 131

Three hundred dollars? I mean, yeah, I'm sure a good number of hardcore gamers will spring for it, but I can't imagine the masses are going to be too thrilled at that price point. Even if it ends up releasing at $249.99 in the States, that's still a big chunk of change for a handheld. That's the same price as the PSP was at launch, and... well, it wasn't exactly the resounding success that Nintendo is used to from its handheld systems. I'm sure they've done their market research and everything and decided that that was the correct price point, but it seems like a pretty ballsy move, especially for Nintendo.

Comment Re:Hashapass (Score 1) 1007

I find that eight characters fits the vast majority of length requirements. Occasionally I run into one that requires a non-alphanumeric character or something, but there are only a few of those that I have to deal with, and I can remember a handful of passwords for those.

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