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Comment ishithouse (Score 1) 104

seriously what aussie in their right mind would use the word 'poo'?! my 14 month old nephew drops the S word when explaining #2s. Forget IP laws, this is a mockery of the Australian culture!
But on another note, im sure i seen the 'ipood' t-shirt on sale from an american website long before some backyard Aussie camping shop, and if anyone here has ever met an Australian camper before, you will know they are an entire species (grey nomads, drifters, seasonal pickers, etc).

I think the real question that should be raised is why, when we become so familiar with a products name, we cant adapt it into our everyday lives? I dont think apple invented the 'i' but its used in thousands of products and company names across the world. Its there as a trend! It used to be an 'e' before and it was probably 'a' before that.

Comment when all else fails (Score 1) 441

Ive been trying for the past 6 weeks to land a job in a new city, I have 13 years experience and have only just recently started doing an online certification. Ive tried a few different approaches but I have been told endless times that you cant be 'different'. Bosses don't like different, but seeing as I have had no luck at all trying to fit myself into the mold of the masses I am left with no other option.

So no more wasting time with boring cover letters. I will simply state 'because I can do it better'. Forget attaching a resume! After a potential employer has read a hundred before yours there is NOTHING you can do by the book to leave an impression. Instead a doc file with a goatse pic should leave a permanent impression.
If this fails just walk in holding a kitten to a knife and demand to speak to the boss!

Comment IINET FTW! (Score 1) 137

iiNet's stated after it won the last case, the industry needs a new marketing model. Now AFACT is trying to fight iinet with their own words?? I got a good feeling that iinet will not only win, but have new grounds to counter sue. My money is on the underdog on this battle!

Submission + - Alleged Mafia Dumped Nuclear Waste Ship Found Off

chrb writes: BBC News is showing video footage of an alleged nuclear waste carrying ship sunk by the Mafia 30km off the Italian coast. The search for such ships follows allegations in 2007 that the Mafia had managed to infiltrate the highly profitable nuclear waste disposal business in the 1980s and 1990s, and had dumped nuclear waste in Somalia and off the Italian coast. Other toxic waste was reported to have been buried in Southern Italy. Officials at the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment have also been accused of seeking 'clandestine production of plutonium' on behalf of the Mafia.

Submission + - SPAM: NASA Giving Away $100M Plus Space Artifacts

pfdixon writes: Grab a part of space history. This is the first time that NASA is giving away space artifacts, including the famed Astro Van, and many other articles used in space travel. There are many restrictions, plus youâ(TM)ll have to pay any transportation costs associated with the transfer
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Comment Re:Success in general... (Score 1) 69

Correct me if I am wrong but don't most indie developers code for the more hardcore and niche market where big studios target a mainstream audience? So to survive financially, the indies need to either change their approach or find a way to reach a larger mass.

Comment Quality (Score 4, Insightful) 69

The games popularity should depend on the quality of the game and not the market hype. With a good idea and the urge to follow through it should not matter if the game was made in a studio or a garage

Comment letting go (Score 1) 348

Being that TPB is going legit as a pay service, there is no reason to continue using the site. Time to let go and wait for the next 5 to take its place. The mods there had to pack up and move eventually so maybe its time to pack bags n jump on-board the next vessel.
Its not like the shutting down of supernova stopped torrents nor did the closing of napster stop the music sharing... its only got worse and it will never change until we accept we cant stop it and never will.
If we cant plan a business model that meets the user and the distributor halfway, the user will go elsewhere and the distributor will be left crying...

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