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Your Rights Online

Submission + - Is Panama about to pass the Worst Copyright Law in History in the world? (

Pepebuho writes: Enjoy Hadopi? Panama is about to one-up them with a new Copyright Law. According to this Law, (Law bill 510 The Law gives new powers to the DGDA (Dirección Geneal de Derechos de Autor, an administrative office) to fine you up to $100k regardless of any other criminal/civil action against you (Article 157). Second, You are assumed Guilty unless you can demonstrate your innocence (Art. 157) Also, the "guilty" party has to pay a publication in the media to tell everyone about what a rotten pirate they are. (Reminds me of the tale about the Chinese charging the family of the deceased for the bullets of the firing squad)
Worse, the proceedings of the fine does not go to the injured Authors, it goes to the DGDA and its employees (Art. 153). But we know it won't be abused, right?

Submission + - Is Yahoo email having trouble?

Pepebuho writes: Scripts are not working with Yahoo
The mail app scripts are not working from Firefox.
-That is I cannot see more than the intital emails on the inbox.
-If I want to select all messages, I cannot click on the box on the headings line
-I cannot interact with a selected message (reply, forward, spam, etc.) those buttons are dead.
If you go to the help screen, the scripts ot the Form for asking for help are not working for any browser. I tried Explorer, firefox, Chrome and nothing, they are all dead.

Is it happening to someone else?

I already cleaned the cache, disabled all plugins etc. and the result is the same. Did mozilla pass an update (now that updates are silent) that broke things up? My Firefox says 13.0.1

Submission + - Swiss proprietary companies block government open (

Pepebuho writes: "orts from Switzerland say that proprietary software companies are complaining about government plans to release open source solutions it has developed on the grounds of cross subsidy. A report from OSOR.EU says the issue emerged early in July as the IT department of the Swiss federal court was planning to release OpenJustitia"

Submission + - Magic Folding Cube 1

Pepebuho writes: I love Magic Folding Cubes
(If you are not sure what they are, look them up here...
In fact, I built one for myself and they are fun.

Looking up whether I could make a small hobby/craft out of this, I found out that they seem to be patented.

On the other hand I believe there is a clear precedent that would make this patent invalid. There was
a prior invention, the Yoshimoto Cube that shows the same kind
of moves that the magic cube have.

So far, my options are
1. Go naive, make several and expect not to be caught. It is possible, but I'd rather stay legal
2. Pay the royalties, although I could not find a website or anywhere to know where to go and negotiate those except sending a snail mail that most likely will be tossed out as spam.
3. Mount a challenge to the patent (expensive I think).
4. ??????

I know I should go to patent lawyer, but I would like to hear of people's opinion about this before commiting more time, and re$sources to this.


Submission + - Windows 7 EULA

Pepebuho writes: What is Windows 7 EULA? I want to preorder it, but so far I have not been able to find it out. How many firstborns do we have to sacrifice?

Submission + - Beijing Huahai Business and Trade Co

Pepebuho writes: "Is anyone else receiving something like this? — Dear friend This is the greeting from Beijing Huahai Business and Trade Co., Ltd ,one of the big Electrical wholesaler and Retailer in China. We mainly sell electrical product such as digital cameras, mobile, LCD TV, xbox, Laptops, DV, Mp4, GPS, please visit our website: to find something you may interested and please contact us freely if you have any question, we will offer more competitive price and best service for business cooperation with you/your company. Mail : MSN : Thank you and best regards. — This is becoming quite annoying because the company is taking e-mails from known people and using it to send the message."

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