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Comment Re:Marketing to the Cult (Score 5, Insightful) 168

No, the product was 100% transformative. It was completely different from any that came before it, and it was copied by everyone who came after, because it did what people wanted much better than anything anybody had tried before. This is the very definition of a transformative product, and denying requires blinding yourself intentionally.

Sure, it had good marketing. But good marketing may get you one sale. A good product is what gets you the second and third, and there have been many second and third sales of iPhones.

Comment Re:ecosystem lock in (Score 1) 191

Yeah, it's obviously this.

Apple was first out with a slab phone, and I was accidentally on purpose an early adopter, and over the years I've picked up the apps I like and am used to, along with the music handling and what not - the hardware is good enough or better that it will probably never be worth swapping over, and I'm sure long term Android users feel just the same the other way.

Ignoring this is as stupid as people who review various laptops purely on hardware, as if OSX vs Windows (or Linux, I suppose, in these parts at least) didn't matter.

Comment Re:Confirmed Existence? (Score 3, Informative) 162

MOND is one of the many theories that have tried and failed to explain all the anomalous results we have collected over the years. MOND is basically completely discredited at this point, and dark matter is the most simple and elegant theory we have to explain all the results we have.

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