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Comment Security countermeasures? (Score 1) 287

If there are any voting machines running on PCs, it is essential that they disconnect public-facing USB ports from the motherboard. Because if your goal is to shut down or slow down a polling place, then you don't need a sophisticated hacking device, just a power spike that disables one of your machines.

If we had time, we could design a USB port with an alarm in it so that we could catch tamperers in the act.

Comment Re:Greenpeace proven Liars (Score 3, Insightful) 144

I am extremely outraged about things done by big businesses and governments.

But I also so dearly, dearly wish I could wholeheartedly support Greenpeace without being a hypocrite. But I can't. I really want to, but I can't.

They lie and they deceive, and they oppose things that are objectively speaking both good for the environment, and absolutely necessary in order to prevent catastrophe.

I just really, really wish they got their act together. Or that somebody better came along to take up the cause.

Comment Re:Completely ridiculous... (Score 1) 400

The opening doors at railroad crossings is the real low-hanging fruit. And it takes more than half a second, because the bus has to come to a complete stop. This keeps the bus from ever reaching a good speed on that block, costs a lot of fuel, and slows down traffic behind the bus. It lets more hot air into the bus in summer, and more cold air into the bus in winter. And all the railroad tracks in my town have bells and barriers, so the exercise is totally pointless.

But, it's a Federal law, so good luck changing it.

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