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Submission + - Global Warming not as bad as we think

Pentavirate writes: "Contrary to what we've been hearing about global warming, the numbers just don't seem to add up. A report from goes through the math from the leading models and theories and shows how the reported doubling of CO2 in our atmosphere can in no way cause the 3 C warming being thrown out by some.
On balance of available evidence then the current model-estimated range of warming from a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide should probably be reduced from 1.4 — 5.8 C to about 0.4 C to suit observations or 0.8 C to accommodate theoretical warming — and that's including F of 3.7 Wm-2 from a doubling of pre-Industrial Revolution atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, a figure we suspect is also inflated.

The bottom line is that climate models are programmed to overstate potential warming response to enhanced greenhouse forcing by a huge margin. The median estimate 3.0 C warming cited by the IPCC for a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide is physically implausible.

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