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Comment Biography (Score 1) 460

Okay maybe a boring question but have you considered writing a biography? You have a truly great character in the computing world and I think this would be a great read, especially with the loss of the big characters connected to other lesser operating systems! Hell you never know it may lead to a change in view point by the consumer market that are Apple/Microsoft obsessed... Just a thought.

Comment Re:Blah (Score 1) 204

Totally agree with Hairyfeet. Education is the best way to inform people about the real world of modern computing. The number of times I've had people ask for help and they didn't even know they needed to run AV software. I think schools should start this as they can educate parents. In the UK ITC as it's called just concentrates on word, excel etc. No concept of how a pc operates is taught. No basic security training or awareness of malware types and how to harden your system. No basic programming (apparently the first year in a computing degree is wasted by teaching students what they already should know!). Get real those that are responsible for education, we NEED better IT taught at school so that every child has a rounded background and those that want to take it further can do so. One of the IT terachers from a nameless local school hadn't heard of linux (shock in itself) but the schools server was ubuntu!!! Things need to change and hopefully soon.

Comment Re:How about Fedora? (Score 1) 685

So why is Ubuntu more popular than Fedora? Is there some specific reason I don't see?

Fedora is a great distribution, however because it tends to use bleeding edge packages, it can often be that little more complicated to install or use than say Ubuntu / Linuxmint. Also Fedora's policy of providing only free drivers and software, I believe, maybe daunting to the new Linux user. So there is a tendency to go with the easiest to learn. Of course we all hope that, in the spirit of learning new things in the Linux world, this initial starting point will lead the user to try those Fedora's, Debian's etc and thus make the choice that suits them. Personally I'm a KDE user and Kubuntu is my Distro of choice (with Crunchbang on the Eeepc) ; at least for the moment!

Comment Same old arguments (Score 1) 591

Linux being THE desktop for the masses? The trouble is most people, including most PC retailer staff, don't know what an operating system is! Let alone what a desktop is. My eldest daughter, an undergraduate, wasn't sure if a Mac was a windows computer and yet had experienced linux (Ubuntu) and liked it..... I think the real inertia to change is marketing and the fact that Microsoft is so dominant when it comes to purchasing new hardware that the masses don't see Linux and/or are scared of it because it is different. Most people I speak to think that a microsoft is the only choice out there. They are shocked and bemused when I explain and demonstrate Linux and the choice of desktops, applications available.... all free... and so much safer than Windows, once the basics of security are explained. Indeed they seem to become much more computer literate, which can only be a good thing. My point.... Why aren't our schools teaching our kids the real fundamentals of computing (do we really need gui all the time!) instead of parrot fashion learning of Office which spirals into the belief that only Windows and Macs exist........

Comment Re:The Space Shuttle (Score 1) 245

The principles are well known, its the economics that are the deal breaker. Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, Embraer and Bombardier could all produce a supersonic civil aircraft if they so wished - but it would have such a small market, it wouldn't make financial or business sense for them to do so.

No no this is so wrong the reason Concorde didn't make it was because America couldn't produce such an aircraft on time. So they brought out the propaganda machine to instil national hatred to this "noisy" foreign aircraft. They were so successful that huge demonstrations happened which forced the limited use over American Airspace and had a knock on effect around the world. I have lived near Heathrow when Concorde was active and it was not an issue. In fact it was glorious to see this bird take to the skies. Although of limited seating if enough (as originally planned) had been built the economics would seriously made sense. I seem also to recall the fact that the US was also trying to engineer such machines as were the USSR. Concorde was very much advanced for it's time and a truly beautiful aircraft that never made it's full potential because of a foreign countries policies. As for Open Sourcing obsolete hardware.... I strenuously agree! PS I'm not a US hater, My Grand Father was born in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains of Cripple Creek :)

Comment Re:Believe? (Score 1) 115

I'm sure these guy's know all the security protocols as this is Fedora. But what needs to be made open is any security breach that may affect users and the exact nature of this breach. As we all know Fedora is a particularly security conscious OS. This needs to be nailed now!

Comment Re:Believe? (Score 1) 115

However, Fedora officials said they don't believe that the attacker was able to push any changes to the Fedora package system or make any actual changes to the infrastructure.

What do you mean you "don't believe"? You don't have logs?

Yeah No spin doctors, we're probably all administrators or more. What exactly has happened?

Comment Re:Any good? (Score 1) 473

Has anyone given it a good testing? I've noticed a horrible trend that Canonical tends to rush their releases these days, especially today. Trying to hit the 10/10/10 deadline makes me wonder what they've left broken to meet their target date.

Well I've seen a net trend that it's better to stick with lts Ubuntu 10.04 unless you like the cutting edge.... But then again if you want stable that is almost always the way to go.... Debian Lenny, Suse, Red-hat, Ubuntu LTS (Okay often broken to start with) Slax et al... If you need the latest and greatest up-grade to the latest version of Linux, expect a little work at the beginning to make it all work..... After all that is the nature and curse of cutting edge technology. If you have a system critical machine, go with stable. If you want the latest or want to put the effort in to improve.... then upgrade. But don't complain all the time that it doesn't always work; you are not a Windows baby any more! You are on the road to understanding about the greatest OS and it's free, pretty secure and free!

Comment Re:It's about being truthful (Score 1) 718

Then again if the user was to quote "new to computers" is windows the best option? The Linux kernel has so many drivers pre-installed its a breeze to install in most cases if you have standard equipment (and let's face it if manufacturers weren't so windows orientated, everything would work out of the box). I spend less than an hour doing a total install of Linux, including office software, drivers, photo manipulation and have repositories of thousands of useful software packages at my fingertips, all free. Doing a windows from scratch install takes 6 - 7 hours if you're lucky. No internet drivers for the motherboard....... So many other driver updates that each require a system reboot..... then the windows updates and version updates...... and once you've done that..... Anti virus and other security software (the latter, the average novice wouldn't have a clue about)..... then the installing of the separate packages (remember no central repository)...... And who explains the importance of keeping each of these software products up to date...... And the importance of scanning for nasties? Nah, this is windows marketing nonsense. I have installed Linux on people computers and they have, after a few minutes training, commented how simple it was. They can cope with the updates as most modern distro's warn when they are available. Most modern distros come pre-loaded with all the software that the average Joe need... surfing, emailing, photo- management etc. I think if Linux was the default, manufacturers would provide all the drivers (makes marketing sense to me after, all who wants to buy a machine that doesn't work?) and computing would be easier. There would still be room for those that provide a great product and charge for it ie Corel Painter and as they were paid for products would encourage them to provide something special!

Comment Re:It's about being truthful (Score 1) 718

I Don't really see anything complicated with Linux. My Mother-in-law uses it (and always has an updated system) and yet she is the most computer illiterate person you could probably imagine. All she want's to do is surf and write emails, letters and print..... openSUSE has those covered easily on her second hand HP machine that only just managed to run xp . As for games.... come on if you're serious stop wasting your money on the top spec video cards and get yourself an Xbox, etc. They're built specifically for this purpose..... I use windows for one thing only..... I'm a sucker to try different OS's and there is one piece of software important to me that isn't compatible with *nix.... Corel Painter......

Comment Re:Took them quite a while... (Score 1) 156

M-Audio works out of the box with out all the shinanigans of yum remove pulseaudio or apt get remove pulseaudio... I agree OpenSUSE is stable and the distro where everything just works.... Listen up Windows users!!! I have tried the latest Fedora 13 release for two weeks. And okay it looks so gorgeous out of the box....But there are so many things that just don't work or crash (at least on my machine) and I'm not just talking Flash/ MP3 etc.... I mean the desktop! openSUSE installs with no fuss and does what it says on the box!

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