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Comment Mute by default (Score 1) 151

I want a mute by default option and an easy way to unmute and play list on the side. Example: lets say the page I'm on has 3 advertisers and all three decide to play their sound clips on load. WTF this does nobody any good. I can't understand any one of them. What I'm asking for is a place to click maybe a sound icon that when clicked shows the items on the page that want to play sound. I can click on the object and allow it to play.

Comment Re:Good for Boeing. (Score 1) 843

Watching the test videos it suffered from the same design flaws as the Harrier in its vertical take off. It also had to take off the cowling to even achieve vertical take off. But it was much closer to budget and it was an interesting manufacturing technique. Boeing has a bunch of un-manned craft which is the wave of the future anyways as man has many more limits on G-Forces than the mechanical systems.

Comment Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371

Because its hard to automatically sort out? Maybe? My guess. They do that here. Because I believe in recycling I take glass every once in a while to a glass recycler. I still throw out most leftover food that is beyond eating. Fresh vegetable matter and egg shells gets composted but we are worried about putting some food in the compost. I think recycling is important. If packagers made it easier it would get much better.

Comment Down to the User (Score 1) 107

EncFS is nice for a single logged in user but I wonder about building enc read/write into applications so that if root logs in even they can not read the users encrypted data. I think programs need to start using libraries to encrypt to the user level. So that only the user that owns the key can read(was going to add write but root can write to a file system) the encrypted file. Multi-user systems are always creating problems.

Comment He is the problem, but blame biology (Score 1) 412

This isn't sexist nor is it really relevant. He is obviously having hormonal issues himself. If he is falling in love and having women fall in love with him then it is obvious he needs to take it out of the lab and complete the hormonal imbalance by completing his social life. He needs to find a mate. When he is content with his mate his desire to fall in love in the lab should go away. And he should be able to stop any advances on him as well.

Comment Blind sight. (Score 1) 108

They are just making this hubub to throw people off. They have key loggers and ways to view your screens that can not be detected with normal means. Using some other form of network that is hard to spot. Don your tin foil hats cause they can read brain waves too. Who really knows? With all the things I have read on USB and viruses being able to bridge air gaps; I don't know, it could very well be as advanced as I am making fun of. Mosquito sized drones and all.

Comment So here is the deal. (Score 1) 525

Cutting down the rain forest and polluting waters where plankton grow drastically contributes to CO2 levels. As you burn you release it and take out some of the vegetation absorbing it. Another thing is all these air conditioners vs evaporative coolers. If you live in a dry climate you should use evaporative coolers. Water is a precious resource, but so is heat. When you use an air conditioner it heats the surrounding environment to cool the wanted area. An evaporative cooler uses the process of evaporation to cool and contributes to cloud formation(double fold cooling) and swap coolers are easy to repair anyone can do it. All this blacktop paving roads doesn't help either. The asphalt absorbs all the heat and releases it to the environment; cement does better in so many ways and lasts longer. Why not recycle? you are going to eventually(nature does this over a long period of time) and if it saves energy to do so it saves money in the manufacturing process and reduces the area needed for landfill. Why not use less energy? With all the advances in technology you can do so much more with so much less power. Update your appliances so that you get more production with less resources. Update your vehicles. If your car is more then ten years old (and not a classic) why spend another dime on it? Buy a new vehicle with a warranty and drive it into the ground, get every penny out of your investment. It only makes sense. I'd bet if we correct what I just mentioned it would improve things ten fold. Upgrading appliances and vehicles would also improve the economy (Win win win). I don't care if you believe in Global Warming or not. Personally I think the above things I mentioned have a greater effect then the garbage being spieled out of the anti-coal and anti-gas crowd. If we can figure out how to make it worth while for the areas with the rain forests and figure a better way not to pollute the waters needed for plankton and grow economy from doing it we would have all winners. Lets make this the golden age.

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