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Comment Re:PCIe 3.0 availability (Score 1) 100

Since when has Alienware been a premium brand but that's beside the point. My two an a half year old PC would be fine as it has Gen3 16,16,8 and Gen2 1,1. Not sure I want to dump one of my graphics cards for one of these. Not unless I could get a flex PCIe ribbon connector, use one of the 8x slots without fouling the graphics cards...

Comment WTF, facepalm... (Score 1) 1113

USA, the world is laughing. you know this right? We read shit like this and facepalm. You are a laughing stock, you need to sort this shit out. Please I'm British and most of the world thing we are related or something. Cousin Jimmy has been seen playing with himself in public again. Unashamed, dick in hand and he dosn't know people are laughing at him. Pointing and passing judgement. Stop it! just stop...

Comment Re:Oh well (Score 1) 108

BFG was one of many manufactures that made nVidia cards from their reference design. Often, they would improve on the design with a better HSF and higher quality RAM so the card could be overclocked out of the box.

Kinda sad to see them go. They've always provided good warranty support.

I was very impressed with their warranty some years back. My 7900 went bad on my and much to my surprise they sent out an 8800 to replace it. That card served me well till it's replacement 6 months back for an ATI 5770. If nvidia was an option at the time I would have got it from BFG without a doubt. Just that at that point in time the ATI was a much better option.

Comment Older gamers should band together (Score 1) 529

OK I've been playing with computers since the early 80's. I have been playing computer games for all of that time. I see no reason to stop now, Arthritis or no arthritis... Mine is in my knees and wrists, so not my hands yet. I fully expect to be still playing computer games when I'm in the retirement home! So what keeps the interest up? well it's the people not the game. The game is important of course but the people that I play with are much more important. I love playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games, currently Battlefield:2, but next year who knows. the thing I do know is the bunch of guys I will be playing with. The clan I'm in has been around in one form or other for 10 years, I've been in it for the last 5. There are times when I don't much feel like gaming, but when the guys are on, I'm on and you know what? it's great. You have had a hard day, stress of work getting you down... Jump online chat with the guys (and galls) shoot some people and get shot, and all of the things that you thought were important disappear. So my advice, find a good bunch of gamers, people that don't care if your crap or walk on water, just care that you turn up and play your part. Play whatever they play and have fun!!! It's the most important thing. Here is the plug... The Senile Soldiers Clan www.tssclan.co.uk Average age 40+

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