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Comment Re:Probably not happening (Score 1) 350

Anything can work on the ground. It just has to me fooled into thinking it's in the air. To figure out how the weight on wheels switch works, you don't look at the computer, you look at the weight on wheels switch. It probably uses a commercially available microcontroller. Just crack it open and read the code. Worst case, connect it to your own bus controller and read every possible number of words from every possible location of every possible remote terminal. Actuate the switch and read everything again and look for the bit that changes. Ditto for the radar, spam writes at it until the popcorn explodes. For the TFR, disable the transmitter and feed synthetic signals into the receiver. You can tell it anything you want.

Comment Re:How Silly (Score 2) 232

Palin specified that she was referring to Section 1233 of bill HR 3200 which would have paid physicians for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about living wills, advance directives, and end-of-life care options.

The "death panel" is a doctor asking you if you really want to spend your last 2 weeks on life support drifting in and out of consciousness in extreme pain and too full of morphine to think, which is the default option if you don't specify otherwise.

Comment Re:Chronic Depression, type 1 diabetes, (Score 1) 190

Glad to know I should be sterilized along with my wife, and my existing children should be killed to make sure I don't pollute the gene pool with my depression. Helpful.

Glad to know you're completely batshit insane to get that from

Left to nature, contra-survival traits like these weed themselves out in any population.

Comment Re:Man (Score 2) 34

No more Disabilities in 50 years

If you limited it to physical disabilities and mostly in first world countries, I could see that. Even if you still consider someone with say, a permanently attached prosthetic arm which is equal to or greater than a human one by any conceivable metric still "disabled," 50 years is in the realm of just cloning a new one and grafting it on.

Comment Re:so... (Score 1) 406

What I am denying is that the amount of zinc lost will be anything but negligible compared to other costs. I am denying that the amount of zinc mined for this purpose will even register compared to what we already use. Even if you went completely off your rocker and banned any kind of emission of CO2, you can produce zinc oxide without carbon simply by burning the ore.

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