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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Urban Legions Released (urbanlegions.net)

PegamooseG writes: "Doug Schwartz of Pegamoose Games and Phillip McCartney, CEO of interNEKO Ltd. Co. are proud to announce, Urban Legions, a unique style of browser-based, hero-vs-villain, role playing game. After two years development, Urban Legions is now available to the general public.

What makes Urban Legions unique is its blend of various gaming elements: role playing, interactive fiction, strategy gaming, puzzles, text adventures, and exploration. The game is entirely online and requires nothing to be installed locally other than your favorite web browser. The interface is simple and low-key, and requires no downloads or plugins. Anyone with an email address can sign up for a free account to start playing within minutes. Where other role playing games require rolling dice, choosing a character's race/class/sex, and calculating complex formulas in order to establish a single character, Urban Legions starts after entering your character's name and secret identity.

Urban Legions is easy to set up and simple to operate. However, don't let the simplicity fool you. Urban Legions is as deep and as involved as the player is willing to immerse themselves. The game is broken up into mini-episodes, called "events", taking place within the vast city of Macropolis. Each event presents players with descriptive text and one or more options of how to react. The choices made in the game directly effect the development of the character, the special abilities acquired and which future events the city produces. You may be presented with multiple actions, and the action you select may produce different results. A single action may have multiple possible results. Decisions lead to the development of a more heroic figure or a more villainous criminal, and may flip-flop throughout the course of the game. Events happen randomly throughout the game, and you may often revisit similar events throughout the course of playing. New content is added regularly, and an over-arching plot-line is continually built upon by content developer Doug Schwartz. "We have tons of plans and notes for the game's big picture and for several mini-episodes. Phil and I think of more events and features to add than we can keep up with. Stay tuned! Much, much more is to come!" said Schwartz.

The general public is able to play up to 20 turns free per day, and may purchase additional turns via subscription or by blocks of turns. A public forum for help and discussion of the game is also available via the Urban Legions website. To experience Urban Legions yourself, go to UrbanLegions.net and sign up for your free account today.

For more information about Urban Legions
For more information about Pegamoose Games
For more information about interNEKO Ltd. Co."

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