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Comment Get rid of Standard Time! (Score 1) 646

Everyone talks about how DST saves money. Fine then. Get rid of Standard Time instead. It is only for a few months every year anyway.

Imagine if we could actually have 24 hours in the day, all the days in the year, instead of one with 23 hours and one with 25. Imagine if every day had a 2:30AM, or if we never had one day with two 1:30 AMs. How I long for it.

Comment Re:Mosiac (Score 1) 314

Not only was Mosaic the foundation code for both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer (as well as a variety of other, now forgotten browsers), but the NCSA project at the University of Illinois also produced the NCSA HTTPd web server. This eventually morphed into the Apache web server. See

Comment Start putting this on your web pages (Score 1) 416

So the problem is that the PHBs don't see a need to upgrade. This is a perception problem. We can fix this.

Let's start adding this to the top of every web page we have access to. If the public web gets flooded with these, the PHBs are going to believe their jobs are on the line if they don't insist on an upgrade:

    <!--[if lt IE 7]>
        <div id="ie6message">
            <p id="ie6warning"><strong>Warning!</strong> The browser you are running is insecure and is putting your computer and network at risk. For more details, see <a href="">this reference</a>.</p>
            <p id="ie6replacements">We strongly recommend upgrading to <a href="">Firefox</a>, <a href="">Opera</a>, <a href="">Safari</a>, <a href="">Google Chrome</a>, or a more recent version of <a href="">Internet Explorer</a>.</p>

Comment Re:The Starlost (Score 1) 922

You are exactly right. A fantastic series conceived by Harlan Ellison and involving some of the greatest Science Fiction writers of the time, destroyed by bad acting, bad production, and bad pretty-well everything else. If you want a sense of how frustrating working on the series was, read Ben Bova's The Starcrossed. I especially like the early concept for the Internet, a booth where you can sit and ask a virtual person questions. Even his delivery was stuttering and with strange emphases in places, suggesting that his replies were composed of spliced together phonemes.

See this video for an introduction to the brilliant concept that was so ham-fistedly delivered in the original series.

Submission + - Spread this copyright meme (

Ped Xing writes: Since this is Public Domain Day, here is a blog post on copyright that contains a call to arms to spread a meme in the hopes that it will eventually result in balanced copyright law. Is the argument in the meme correct? Will it convince people to take copyright seriously? Can people even understand it?

Comment Use the Component Video hole (Score 2, Informative) 479

Just make sure you get a converter box with Component Video out (also called YPbPr). Then you can use the Hauppauge HD PVR to capture the hi-def video to a hard drive.

This is a solution that works for any HD settop box no matter what copy protection it provides, so long as it outputs component video.

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