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Comment Re:Looks like they'll have my name... (Score 2) 288

it's pretty clear that judges are getting exasperated with the trend of corporations suing thousands of individuals at once

That's not how law works. If there are 100 identical cases and the first one has a certain decision then, unless appeals are involved, the rest basically inherit the same decision by precedent. There's no point at which a judge can get tired of doing his job and change his mind on the verdict. And you could really only argue abuse of process if the plaintiff is losing every time; if they're winning then what are you even talking about?

Comment Re:Don't make me laugh! (Score 2) 468

More like a poodle yapping at the distant rural border of a sprawling empire. The seat of government is a thousand kilometers away, and the region around the dog is totally uninhabited.

When night falls it's total darkness with no artificial lights. A farmer barely hears wolves howling in the distance. In the morning the poodle is mysteriously gone. Seriously, IT is way way bigger than the movie industry. They can't shut down the entire internet for their own business interests.

Comment Re:Let's get this straight (Score 2, Interesting) 275

It doesn't matter if science doesn't return a profit. The Hubble telescope is an unqualified success despite its crushing cost and zero monetary return because gazing at the stars and explaining the universe around us is a human development goal that supersedes petty priorities like a transient economic recession.

Of course, there are starving mouths to feed around the world and other fundamental issues to address, not that the money is going there either..

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