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Comment Re:set-top boxes available to access iPlayer and I (Score 1) 128

I dont usually agree with Region Control at all but in the case of the BBC iPLayer it makes a little more sense. The BBC is funded by the Tax Payer so everyone in Britain gets free access to iPlayer, though one could argue we deserve more access to the BBC's content, since we are paying for the content. This is a different situation than the company who produce, for example, "The Corbert Report" limiting the free streaming on their website to US only since they are getting funded by the Ad revenue of the viewers which non-us viewers could potentially be a part of unlike the BBC which is essentially "pre-payed" content so to provide free access to it worldwide would be unfair for those people who have paid to access it. Though I do think BBC Worldwide should do some sort of Streaming service with ad's like Hulu and Youtube's "TV Shows".

Comment "Updated" (Score 2, Insightful) 158

Apparently the "Update" for Crazy Taxi involves removing the original soundtrack, for me that separates it from the iconic memories I have of the game. This "Update" means that its not the game I remember playing as a kid so this "update" is not something im interested in. Though the idea of playing Dreamcast games on current consoles, if they arent "Updated" in a similar fashion them im totally in.
Classic Games (Games)

Sega To Bring Dreamcast Titles to PSN, Xbox Live 158

Sega announced yesterday that it plans to bring back a number of popular Dreamcast games, updating them and releasing them for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will come first, with further announcements expected after E3. "Both of the games will be based on the Dreamcast originals, but will be updated with high-definition graphics, surround sound, online leaderboards, and Achievement and Trophy support." Kotaku has a list of other titles they hope to see — what game(s) would you like Sega to bring back?

Submission + - Microsoft explains mystery Firefox extension 1

Ricky writes: Microsoft has fixed the distribution scope of a toolbar update that, without the user's knowledge, installed an add-on in Internet Explorer and an extension in Firefox called Search Helper Extension. Microsoft told us that the new update is actually the same as the old one; the only difference is the distribution settings. In other words, the update will no longer be distributed to toolbars that it shouldn't be added to. End users won't see the tweak, Microsoft told Ars, and also offered an explanation on what the mystery add-on actually does.

Ars Technica

Comment Sounds like a good idea to me (Score 1) 229

Im all for this idea, hopefully it will go some way towards people seeing Video Games as another medium the same as a film or book. It was only a few years ago that my local library started lending out DVDs (with a price but one much smaller than a rental store) and I know that at least in the beginning it brought in some young people to rent DVD's and it gave a small trickle over to the lending of books.

Comment We need another Trek TV Series? (Score 1) 444

I personally love consuming Star Trek but I dont think we need another Star Trek show on TV, even though im in the minority liking Voyager and Enterprise as well as the rest. I have enough trek goodness to last me a long time with all the fan productions like Hidden Frontier and the audio drama's such as Star Trek Excelsior. If they really must do another series then ill surely watch it but id rather they give money to a fan production and some help and then enjoy that goodness over the internet with some sort of advertising attached to it to cover costs.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - TI frees its DSP toolchain for open source apps

An anonymous reader writes: Texas Instruments (TI) is offering open source developers free use of a DSP toolchain for DSPs (digital signal processors) found in several popular TI OMAP and DM-series RISC/DSP chips. The first-of-its-kind release may lower cost barriers for prospective developers of open source video codecs, motion sensors, and other "number-crunching" applications.

Recreating Cities Using Online Photos 87

Roland Piquepaille writes "The billion of images available from a site like Flickr has stimulated the imagination of many researchers. After designing tools using Flickr to edit your photos, another team at the University of Washington (UW) is using our vacation photos to create 3D models of world landmarks. But recreating original scenes is challenging because all the photos we put on Flickr and similar sites don't exhibit the same quality. With such a large number of pictures available, the researchers have been able to reconstruct with great accuracy virtual 3D model of landmarks, including Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York City."

Submission + - eComStation Release 2.0 RC3 available

Kim Haverblad writes: "Serenity Systems has released eComstation v2.0 RC3 that is an OEM-version of IBM:s OS2 Warp v4.52. It's great news for the OS2 users still hanging around since it supports dual and quad core CPU:s which IBM original code didn't support. The full press release can be found at OS2 World.Com where there also are technical notes with more specific updates."

Fake Codec is Mac OS X Trojan 473

Kenny A. writes "Multiple news organisations are reporting on an in-the-wild Mac OS X malware attack that uses porn lures to plant phishing Trojans on Mac machines. The attack site attempts to trick users into download a disk image (.dmg) file disguised as a codec that's required for viewing the video. If the Mac machine's browser is set to to open 'Safe' files after downloading, the .dmg gets mounted and the Installer is launched. The target must click through a series of screens to become infected but once the Trojan is installed, it has full control of the machine."
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Asterisk ported to iPhone

Syn Ack writes: "One of the engineers that works in my office spent his weekend porting Asterisk for running on the iPhone. It was done in one weekend. His webpage can be found here with all the details. For obvious reasons Asterisk can't interact with the GSM phone, but he does have it working with SIP phones. A wireless PBX in your pocket! We're not sure what value this has other than showing people just how far you can take an iPhone. If only Apple would open the environment up to development. So if you want a "PBX in your pocket" go grab Matt's code and give it a try."

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