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Comment Re:I'd go with a projector (Score 1) 330

What an annoying site. Here I was hoping the bar would be raised with flash on the way out, but it looks like people can just recreate garbage flash sites with equally-bad HTML5 sites.
The one upside is it's slightly usable on mobile, even if it still looks awful.

Comment Re:Use RPZ! / Why Google PDNS / is not GPD (Score 1) 82 = is not a valid DNS server, likely they meant which is the secondary Google Public DNS address.

It's also possible they meant 4.2.2.[1-6] (of which may be the most popular), which isn't really a public DNS server either, but may be close enough to count as a backup for Google.

Comment Re:My criticisms. (Score 1) 117

Framerate performance is... meh. For the hardware I'm running on (eVGA GTX 670FTW, Intel 2600k), I'd expect nothing less than a rock solid 60fps with the graphics on mid-to-high settings. Most of the time there isn't anything graphically intensive going on, but my framerate often dipped into the low 20s anyways.

I'm running everything maxed on a 560Ti / 3930k. Everything seems smooth although I'm not watching the FPS. Maybe it's more CPU dependent?

Comment Re:"effectively unrepairable by the user" (Score 2) 914

And you should have spent an additional 10 seconds (maybe more, it was running slow) to look at the pictures linked in the main article.
The MacBook Pro Retina has 16 DDR3L chips on each side of the motherboard, and the SO-DIMM I linked has 8 DDR3L chips on each side of each piece. That's 16 * 2 = 32 chips on the MBP, and 8 * 2 * 2 = 32 (two pieces, two sides each) chips in the linked memory.
Which one is higher density? (The chips are the same size)
The cost of soldering thing was a joke, btw, and it maks me sad to have to even mention that.

Comment Re:"effectively unrepairable by the user" (Score 2) 914

10 seconds with google finds this:

8GB PC3L-12800 1600MHZ SODIMM $65/ea.
That's $130 for 16GB, vs $180 from Apple. Maybe the extra $50 is the cost of soldering it to the motherboard?

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