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Comment Re:Lots of folks making the switch (Score 1) 939

I never understand people complaining that Apple hardware costs more. It does, but it tends to be very well engineered and built from high quality components.

Buying an Apple machine can be compared to buying a Mercedes or other type of high end automobile. I never hear people say buyers of luxury cars are crazy because they could have bought a car that will get them to their destination just as quickly for half the price. I spend *much* more time using my computer than I do driving my car, and I'm willing to pay extra for reliability and quality. The extra money Apple hardware costs is also offset by the productivity gains I get from using OS X. Apple hardware also lasts much longer than comparable PC hardware, when I used PCs I bought a new machine or drastically upgraded at least every year to 18 months or so, with Apple hardware I'm generally happy with my machine for the entire 3 years my AppleCare warranty lasts.

Why is it that even people in IT are so cost conscious when it comes to their hardware? I spend ten hours a day, at least five days a week, working on my computer. Spending a few hundred dollars extraa year that makes all of that time more productive and more enjoyable is easily money well spent. Money is replaceable, my time is *not*.

FDA Questions Swedish Cell Phone Cancer Study 173

ZZeta writes "Following up on the Swedish study on cell phone cancer risk, the FDA released a statement today questioning its reliability. From the statement: 'These facts along with the lack of an established mechanism of action and supporting animal data makes the Hardell et al's finding difficult to interpret.' Also available several links to other studies."

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