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Comment Re:Thankfully (Score 1) 137

Most of the hipsters I am aware of send off their film to be developed.

I do not fall into that crowed... I have 20+ years in the darkroom and am keeping this part of our scientific/artistic alive.

Most of the hipsters I know have no interest in learning how to process their own film and make their own prints.

I think most of them buy their lomo cameras as a fashion accessory as I never see them actually take pictures with the camera.

Comment Re:Does it still count as a camera... (Score 1) 248

I have over 10 cameras.

Two web cams
One camera phone
One digital camera

The rest are film cameras of different sizes.

Everything from 35mm to 8"x10"... and I use them all B&W only at the moment.

They still make film for 35mm (I buy it 100' bulk rolls and it comes out to cost about $1.00 USD a roll)
The 120 film cameras I use cost around $3.00/roll (12 exposures a roll on average)
The 4x5 and larger cameras use sheet film that is still manufactured. $1 and up per sheet

All of this I process and print at home. I am currently researching alternative processing processes and the old printing processes as well. Keep in mind that photography was invented in the 1820's... Before people had electricity.

if you wanted to, you could process your film and prints in coffee, vinegar and salt water....

Film photography may die but chemical based photography will not die out completely.

Comment Re:Just what we need... (Score 2, Interesting) 309

I remember when I was in school and I wanted to run some RPGs but didn't have any of the books anymore.. I couldn't stand having PDFs so I figured I would start printing out the books, 3 hole punch them and put them in 3 ring binders. So I started with the core books and moved on to the supplements. I don't know how many pages I printed. Several thousand easy. The first page it printed was a cover page. The school started catching on to how much was being printed so they limited each print job to something like 20 pages.

I know my example is about printing and not copying, but I could see where it would help to deal with similar abuses.

Comment FreeNAS Box (Score 1) 609

I just recently set up a FreeNAS box. using an old p4 that I had laying around. Used a 100gb hard drive for the OS and installed 2tb hard drives in a RAID 1 array. I can use it to stream media or as a backup for my work. Cheap, easy and effective. I am looking at getting an Mini itx motherboard and setting up a 1u rack to save space using this idea.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 3, Interesting) 386

I completely agree. I feel that part of the problem is with programs like no child left behind and what not that basically says that all students have the capacity to go to college. This is something that I feel is flawed near completely. Some people are just better suited to working with their hands and there is nothing wrong with that.

These jobs are called trades for a reason. I personally feel that trade work is a great way to make a living or assist others. "Tell you what, I will fix your car if you can fix my computer" type of thing is something I have seen and been a part of many a time.

These are things that need to be encouraged in our society not discouraged by saying the only way to make a good living is with a college degree.

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