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Comment Your Samsung Product Isn't Really Yours. (Score 1) 138

I learned back with my Galaxy S4 that no one owns any Samsung product. Samsung really retains control. The so-called customer just has a license to use it for a while.
I wanted to put on a different version of Android, and Samsung's Knox software prevents modifying the bootloader, so I'm stuck with all the Verizon bloatware and limited functions from their stock software, such as no tethering.

That's why I went with the more open ZTE as my current phone since it's made by the more open Communist Chinese.

Comment Re:It's the content providers (Score 1) 209

Even if you only have an internet connection, I've got some news for you. You're still paying Disney / ESPN for programming. They've forced anyone who purchases internet service to have ESPN3 included at what they call "no additional cost." Of course, that means that it's already in the fee you pay every month.

Comment There's Too Much Graft Involved (Score 1) 166

Politicians like this scheme because there's graft involved. They can get contributions from the companies that participate in this.
The so-called environmental politicians would prefer to see something scrapped than for someone to get some use out of used electronics.

I'm typing this right now on a HP laptop that was thrown out. It had HP's infamous lead free solder ball grid array problem. Taking the motherboard out, putting it in a toaster over at 350 for 10 minutes, and then blowing a heat gun on the graphics chip until it reached 200 deg C. got it reattached. I had the same problem with a HP printer.
Every LCD TV in my house has been something that I repaired. I don't strip out the boards from TVs I can't use the make a buck on eBay. I give the extra TVs I fix to friends and to non-profit organizations. But that's really against the law here.

The best thing I got was a Jura coffee maker. It just needed a valve replaced at $28 shipped from Germany. New ones sell for $1400, and used ones are at least $300. (Not that I would pay that much for a coffee maker.)

Comment But There's Record High Ice in the South (Score 0, Flamebait) 206

For every arctic, there's an antarctic.
It was just two years ago that there was record ice in the antarctic area.
That certainly justifies spending hundreds of billions of dollars on bird-frying solar reflectors, or bird chopping windmills for a guestimated 0.2 degree reduction in the planet's temperature

Comment Government Licensing Prevents Competition Too (Score 1) 321

She forgot to mention that government is in cahoots with big business to stifle competition. Licensing requirements raise the requirements to start a business, or to be hired. The NY Times reports that occupational therapists, manicurists and barbers, fortune tellers, massage therapists, shampoo assistants, librarians, beekeepers, electrologists and movie projector operators all need to be licensed in various states.

Existing business can provide campaign donations, otherwise known as graft, to politicians to make rules to keep out the competition.

Comment Regulations Are Meant to Keep Poor People Out (Score 0) 300

Just another regulation that is designed to increase the cost of housing in order to keep poor minority people out.

What do solar cells to to your fire insurance rates? I would think the fire department wouldn't go near them since they're almost always generating electricity at the panels.

Comment I Miss Real Keyboards (Score 2) 166

I can remember when there was a bunch of complaints about the Chicklet keyboards on the Texas Instruments 99/4 computer, so they put a real keyboard on it, and called it the 99/4A.
Now every laptop has keys that are worse and no one complains. HP made better keys on a folding keyboard I had for my Compaq iPaq. I could put that in a pocket.

Comment Re:Use a larger monitor. (Score 1) 197

A problem with using a large television as a computer monitor is that when viewing a standard size computer screen, say under 24", your eyes are moving around to see the various locations on the screen. If you start using 32" or larger screens, your eyes have reached the limit of movement, and you have to move your head to see what you want on the screen. This can start to cause some fatigue or dizziness when using the computer for a while.

I got a 32" 1080p TV for someone I do some work for, who has a tough time seeing, and he reported those problems. He also uses one of those kids keyboards with the big yellow keys. He still uses the built-in magnifier function in Windows 7, but I'll take a look at some of the suggestions in these comments for another option for him.

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