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Comment Use a carabiner (Score 1) 763

Surprised nobody mentioned this yet. I use a carabiner attached to my belt loops, which is a great place for all my keys, although it is a bit noisy. When I arrive at work or home I just take the whole carabiner key set off my pants and set it somewhere until I need to go. Carabiners also give you street cred with indie rockers and mountain climbers!

Comment Re:SOL (Score 4, Insightful) 250

Nobody is going to give you money though unless you have a tangible business plan or documented examples of your ideas. i.e. concept art, playable demo or mod of an existing engine, extensive design documents. Plenty of people can come up with good game ideas, the trick is to mold that into an actual workable idea and that that all down on paper or in a playable state. Having something that people can actually play, even just a simple demo, can go a long way in convincing people you can make a FUN game.

Comment Re:No Locked Hardware! (Score 1) 167

I'm waiting for the day that some hacker puts together their own open-source pacemaker (running Linux of course) that people have installed by back alley surgeons. The idea kind of reminds me of the eyeball transplants from Minority Report. I'm willing to bet stuff like that will happen someday.

Comment Sad news... (Score 0, Flamebait) 1395

I really feel sorry for the guy. Regardless of whether or not he committed the murder, he was a good programmer and an important member of the open-source community. It is too bad that brilliant people are often plagued by mental instability. I hope that Reiser is really innocent and simply did a lot of weird things that were indicative to murder. I can imagine that if he was innocent, he probably felt that people were out to get him, but simply had to way to articulate a reasonable response to the charges. I certainly hope that the truth about his wife's whereabouts becomes known, regardless of the innocence of Reiser.

Submission + - Collecting YouTube Fingerprinting False Positives (

Lauren Weinstein writes: "In the hopes of enabling better public understanding of the effects of YouTube/Google's new video fingerprinting DRM system, I'm now collecting reports from anyone who feels that their video submissions to YouTube were incorrectly or inappropriately tagged as in conflict with video rights owners, resulting in takedowns, refused submissions, or the like. Please see the PFIR YouTube "False Positive" Reporting Form for the details. Your assistance with this effort is much appreciated! Thanks. — Lauren — Lauren Weinstein Co-Founder, PFIR — People For Internet Responsibility"

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