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Comment Re:Why are they broke in the first place? (Score 1) 809

They are also broke because they spent the annual windfall income from the property bubble to win re-election instead of saving for a rainy day.
There has been a gap of around 20 thousand million Euro between spending and income EVERY YEAR since the property bubble collapsed (2007?).

You can't carry on for long with at weight on your shoulders. The gap must be closed via tax increases, spending cuts or both because additional income from GNP/GDP growth ain't happening. The longer you leave it the worse it becomes.

- Paul.

Comment Re:It's not the country's debts. (Score 2, Insightful) 809

It's the private bank's debts.

For some unknown reason the Irish government decided to guarantee all debts by banks in Ireland including banks that are owned and run by people who are not Irish or based in Ireland. These debts were not sovereign debts until the Irish government decided to unilaterally back them without any good cause. They did this back in 2008 and it's only now that they massive amount that they've basically handed over to private investors is becoming apparent.

I agree the guarantee was handled disastrously but I'm a little leery of the 'dirty foreigner' angle.

Which dirty foreigner private investors would these be? Bank share holders? Anyone who bought shares in the banks over the last decade has seen their investment wiped out. The Irish government owns the lion's share of Allied Irish Banks and Bank Of Ireland. Anglo Irish Bank is fully nationalised, with all shareholders completely wiped out. They gambled, they lost.

Who else then? Property developers with massive loans to the Banks that they cannot pay off? Maybe, but they are not dirty foreigners, they're home grown entrepreneurs!

Where to next? The bond markets? Dirty foreign bastards, buying Irish bonds on the promise of a coupon paid over five or ten years. The cheek of them!

Our problems are home made. Blaming the foreigners is lazy and unbecoming for a country that has sent her children to all corners of the globe. The sad thing is that because of the home grown cock up the exodus is happening again.



Submission + - SCO Delisted

Technician writes: I have been following the fall of SCO stock. When I checked their stock tonight I found the anouncement of the delisting instead of a chart. "SCOX has failed to meet NASDAQ Capital Market continued listing requirement(s)."

Submission + - EverQuest II embeds Mozilla browser

An anonymous reader writes: EverQuest II's next release will include an embedding of the Mozilla browser. It's currently live on the test server and has a few issues that will hopefully be resolved before release. art=15&topic_id=347230

Some interesting uses of the browser such as automatically searching for quest hints are being discussed on the interface board: t=7846

Journal Journal: Choke points for spam

A large problem with spam is the collection of zombie systems (mostly Microsoft home computers) on residential broadband lines that act as relays for spam. Most of these users have simple firewalls supplied by their broadband providers that they never really configure that provide DNS proxy services, among other services. Is it not about time to start pressuri

Submission + - Videoconferencing server for Linux ?

Hymer writes: Well it is really a simple question: Does anyone here know a vidoconferencing server for Linux ? It may be a non-standard solution but the clients have to exist for at least Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The communication channel should preferably encrypted. I need video and some kind of common workplace or desktop sharing, audio is optional. I've searched the Net and found nothing... geeks do not need to look at other geeks to understand eachother but CEO's obviously does... ;-)

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