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Comment So much for "Tech Valley" (Score 1) 497

The Capital District (Albany and surroundings) of New York State has been trying to rebrand itself as "Tech Valley." There are some good educational and research facilities in the area, led by RPI. But the centerpiece of the transformation was supposed to be a new, ultramodern chip fab plant. AMD's manufacturing subsidiary, GlobalFOUNDRIES, got huge tax breaks as an incentive to build there.
Construction took years longer than first estimates, and slowed to a halt a few times. Rumor says that lack of money was the cause. The plant is supposedly nearly complete, but they still haven't ramped up to anywhere near full production capacity.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 463

Apparently you are delusional.
Market share for tablets shows Apple still at around 65%, down from 70% before the Kindle Fire was released. Meanwhile, Samsung's share went from approximately 8% pre-Fire down to just under 5% post-Fire. And Asus isn't even on the radar screen, having less market share than RIMM's pathetic 0.6% for the PlayBook.
You need to understand that figures for units shipped are very different from sales figures. A tablet that is sitting in a warehouse somewhere or gathering dust on a store shelf does not equal a tablet that has been bought and used by an actual human being.

Comment And you know this how? (Score 1) 463

And what usage is the Fire intended for?

Book reading. And it is quite good for that purpose. It replaces the similarly priced e-ink readers Amazon had before.

All the other functions of the Kindle Fire are secondary and are gravy.

You must have been sent a special message from Jeff Bezos, because all the Amazon marketing for the Fire has emphasized all the *other* stuff it supposedly can do. Book reading is strictly an afterthought.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 3, Interesting) 331

This is typical of all emigrant populations. They tend to "freeze" their language in the form it had at the time of the main emigration. Thus Canadian French is very close to Seventeenth Century European French.
Personal note: My family is of Finnish descent. All 4 grandparents were immigrants to the US. My parents are both fluent in the language of the "Old Country." I can only say a few basic phrases, but my kid sister made the effort to pick up a fair amount from our parents.
When she made a trip to Finland a few years back, her speech caused some amusement to native Finns. They were surprised to hear a young woman talking like a "mummu" (grandmother).

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