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Submission + - Should Developers Install Their Software Themselves?

Paul Carver writes: Should developers be responsible for installing the software they develop into production environments? What about System Test environments? I'm not a developer and I'm not all that familiar with Agile or DevOps, but it seems unhealthy to me to have software installs done by developers. I think that properly developed software should come complete with installation instructions that can be followed by someone other than the person who wrote the code.

I'd like to hear opinions from developers. Do you prefer a workplace where you hand off packaged software to other teams to deploy or do you prefer to personally install your software into System Test and then personally install it into production once the System Testers have certified it?

For context, I'm talking about enterprise grade, Internet facing web services sold to end users as well as large companies on either credit card billing or contractual basis with service level agreements and 24x7 Operations support. I'm not talking about little one (wo)man shops and free or Google style years long beta services.

Submission + - Implementing a search blacklist

Paul Carver writes: Every so often I get very annoyed at the useless sites that turn up in a Google search and wish I had a Google killfile. Has anyone created anything like that? Something that keeps a personal list of sites that you've decided have absolutely no value and edits them out of your search results? My searches so far seem to indicate that Google itself maintains a blacklist, but I would like something more aggressive. I'd like to be able to permanently ban sites from my personal search results regardless of whether Google considers them worthy of a global blacklist.

Submission + - Open Source Cell Phone Development

Paul Carver writes: In the cell phone stories that are posted from time to time I've never seen any discussion of open source development. Are there any brands and/or phone OSs that are open to the development of "quick and dirty" applications? I'm not talking about professional development shops, I'm talking about free or low cost "scratch an itch" creation of little apps with little or no commercial potential. In particular, I'm interested in cell phones rather than smart phones since I'm rough on phones and I don't really trust the durability of the big PDA+Phone, but pointers to getting started on PalmOS or Windows Mobile phones will probably help some people.

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