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Comment Re:Apple also censors orthodox Christianity (Score 1) 144

Here's a letter I sent to Apple last year about this:

Dear Mr. Jobs and Mr. Cook,

You've probably received a lot of positive and negative feedback lately about Apple's ban of the Manhattan Declaration app.

As a person who experiences same-sex attraction, I'd like to say that I am not intimidated or alarmed by this document. What does intimidate and alarm me, however, is Apple's refusal to allow an application expressing a particular religious/political view to be presented in the App Store.

It is difficult to understand why Apple would take the position that this particular document represents an occasion of harm to a group
when the document insists that everyone is deserving of compassion and respect and has equal dignity. I cannot help but be left with the notion that Apple has stood in judgement over the point of view expressed and has decided it should not be allowed in the arena of
discussion. In my opinion, this type of censorship has a much greater potential for harm than any religious or political statement and it
affects us all adversely. As someone once wrote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." This ought to be the position of all guardians and repositories of information such as Apple.

In summary, I would like to request that Apple allow freedom of religious and political expression in the App Store and reinstate the
Manhattan Declaration app. I've always enjoyed Apple products and felt they were of the highest quality, but if anything will persuade me to part ways with the company, this type of censorship will.

Patrick Einheber

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