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Comment Re:launchd (Score 1) 469

Problem is still that productivity on Macs is lower because the OS keep getting in your way, and there is no way of making it stop, because giving power features to power users is not the Apple way.

This may shock you, but OS X ships with this app called Terminal. It's just like a shell on Linux. I'm guessing you haven't actually used OS X though.

I know Slashdotters have to reflexively shit on Apple, but I don't see how an OS that gives you bash, root access, and vim/emacs is "getting in your way" in terms of developing software. Every IDE that supports Linux supports OS X. You can even install BSD packages with MacPorts. What more do you want?

Comment Re:Lua[0]? (Score 1) 729

This is exactly why there's no problem with Lua being 1-indexed instead of 0-indexed. It's not C, so you aren't doing pointer arithmetic on some address. If you want the first element in a table it's index is 1 and the second is 2. The first letter in a string is 1, second is 2.

If anything, other high(er) level languages being 0-indexed is the oddity. I would imagine it's to make C programmers feel comfortable.

Comment Re:Six identifiable bullet points (Score 1) 180

, as you can tell from his meticulous list of instances when == is not transitive.

Which highlights his laughable ignorance. He clearly doesn't understand dynamic languages. If you do the same comparisons in other dynamic languages, or others with the relevant type casts, you'll get the exact same results.

Then again, I'm not trying to defend a long-debunked meme. I appreciate the effort you put in to your "rebuttal", but it's laughably incompetent. A bit like the "fractal" article itself.

He clearly doesn't understand dynamic languages? Have you ever used a sane one like Python?

Guess what happens when you compare different types (like a string and an integer) in Python? It's fucking false because they aren't the same! Amazing! Things that aren't even the same type aren't equal! No voodoo type-magic, no charts, just the language working like you would expect.

Hm, looks like Ruby works the same way too. Oh and Lua too! What were you saying about "not understanding dynamic languages"? Have you used anything besides PHP and Javascript?

Comment Re:Avoid Frameworks. (Score 1) 536

People look at posts like yours and get it through their head that if they use Python, their website will crawl. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If your website is anything like the majority of websites, the server-side code will spend far, far more time waiting for IO than doing any sort of processing. The language choice is almost irrelevant. It's essentially just glue to join HTTP queries and database queries.

OTOH, if you do need to do some actual processing, you might be better off just doing that in a compiled language (C, Rust, etc.) and using the web framework glue to hook it up to the web.

TL;DR: Using C++ for web server-side because "it's fast" is premature optimization. Don't prematurely optimize.

Comment Re:Current PCs are good enough. (Score 1) 564

For desktops, sure. For laptops, which is the majority of Apple sales, your most common points of failure are the motherboard and the DC jack, so if anything the average Apple laptop will last longer because of the Magsafe port.

You must have a PPC or 32-bit Intel Mac. It sucks, but unless Intel loses their minds and goes 128-bit, I think anyone who buys their hardware now is safe. I have a MBP that's going on 5 years old and it's running Mountain Lion just fine.

Comment Re:Upate to the most current (Score 1) 241

For good and bad (and Mavericks has some things that piss me off) the Apple model of forced upgrades has some reasoning to it.

Wut? I ran Snow Leopard until recently and it hasn't automatically updated my computer to Mavericks. Apple doesn't force you to upgrade anything. They release new versions of APIs for new versions of the OS but that's standard practice.

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