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Comment Re:Verbosity is easy? (Score 2) 414

> I mean intuitively shouldn't toString() on a stream get back a string?

Yes it should return a String (enforced by polymorphism) but not the String you imply.

From the API

Returns a string representation of the object. In general, the toString method returns a string that "textually represents" this object. The result should be a concise but informative representation that is easy for a person to read.

So your String should be a description of the InputStream, not its contents.

For example: "InputStream for URL: http://google.com/" or whatever satisfies the concise informative representation that is easy for a person to read.

Comment Re:Where is our market ? (Score 1) 192

I can already publish on Linux. I have the cross platform toolkit (Unity3d).

My question is:

does the effort of

  • * making the last mile to have a nice port (maybe Steam achievement integration)
  • * QAing the builds on a variety of systems
  • * publishing to Steam (including assets, etc)

is going to bring any revenue ?

The main issue isn't making the software, it's getting known, sell and maintain.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 164

If you just like approximations, and say that "a yard is about the length of three of my feet" and a meter is slightly more than a yard, then you know how much a meter approximately. If you want an exact length of a yard, then you measure it in meters.

If their standard was the quart, it could have just said 1 cup..

which cup variant ? imperial, US customary, US legal, japenese variants ???

Comment Re:Mobile gaming is abysmal right now. (Score 1) 144

As a developer of (quality) paid educative apps for kids, http://dragonboxapp.com/ I can tell you that chosing the revenue model is difficult because of the way the app stores work.

We make learning games that we intend to be as short as possible, for the benefits of the user. Our app model leads to lower ranking due to lower usage (compared to games designed to be addictive) and lower downloads (compared to free apps). We are considering to go towards free + unlockable, so that users can at least preview the games easily, but the consequences are very hard to predict and probably require a whole redesign of the games themselves with some features that are not necessarily in the pure benefits of the users. And we risk to scare the users who might compare us to free+consumable apps...

Comment Diverged from original goal (Score 1) 55

Years ago I wanted to purchase the original OLPC Give 1 Get 1 but wasn't able due to payment issues and not being in the US. I remember cursing on the 31st of December as I watched the deadlne pass.

So while this is very different from their first tablet, both in business model and openess, it still is something a bit different than most tablets offered by the competition.

<shamefull_plug> That's why we accepted to donate our kid educational software (DragonBox5+ / http://www.dragonboxapp.com/) to those who would purchase it.</shamefull_plug>

As a geek and open source user, I think there's still room for a more open platform. Especially in the educational space. Still we see that purely open initiative are hard to market/finance (think of the latest ubuntu phone). Hopefully they will be able to redo something more in the line of the first G1G1 tablets one day. As an entrepreneur, I hope to be able to give more as well.

Comment Re:Lost faith in Google (Score 5, Insightful) 38

Try coming home and finding your house empty (!) and wife and kids gone to another country. Now that's deception. I know a few people who enjoyed this experience.

"If you're tied into the $Service world-view" any business that takes a conscious business decision like that needs to carefully look at the benefits vs the risk.

What about Google ?
Q: Have they ever closed a paying service ?
Q: If so, have they done it in a way that would make you lose your data ? Or put you in a situation where you had no alternative in reasonable time ?

I have used online paid services that have stopped working, without notification, even after the closure, kept billing me, without providing support.
I have paid solutions sometimes several 1000 $ without getting a single support answer when encountering problems.

I don't mind using a service if
* it has alternatives
* I can easily extract the data

A service is like any job or relationship. It can end at any moment. The way it ends is as important as the way it operates. I trust Google on at least ending their services properly. From my knowledge they have a good track record. Google Reader is a good example. Free, 3.5 months notice, open data, several alternatives available. I really don't understand why people complain.

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