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Comment Already Plans for Permanent Closure (Score 1) 193

Has everyone forgotten the previous Slashdot story:
derekmead writes "Data from the enormous Green Bank Telescope at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory has been used to test some of Einstein's theories, discover new molecules in space, and find evidence of the building blocks of life and of the origins of galaxies. With 6,600 hours of observation time a year, the GBT produces massive amounts of data on the makeup of space, and any researchers with reason to use the data are welcome to do so. The eleven-year-old GBT stands as one of the crowning achievements of American big science. But with the National Science Foundation strapped for cash like most other science-minded government agencies, the NRAO's funding is threatened. In August of this year, the Astronomy Portfolio Review, a committee appointed by the NSF, recommended that the GBT be defunded over the next five years. Researchers, along with locals and West Virginia congressmen, are fighting the decision, which puts the nearly $100 million telescope at risk. Unless they succeed, America's giant dish will go silent."

Anyone know what the current status is concerning this permanent planned shutdown?

Comment Overwhelmingly Linux (95%) (Score 4, Informative) 125

It's interesting to browse this website:
And look at the Statistics section, such as Operating System Family
Operating system Familyâf Countâf System Share (%)âf Rmax (GFlops)âf Rpeak (GFlops)âf Coresâf
Linux 476 95.2 217,913,963 318,748,391 18,700,112
Unix 16 3.2 3,949,373 4,923,380 181,120
Mixed 4 0.8 1,184,521 1,420,492 417,792
Windows 3 0.6 465,600 628,129 46,092
BSD Based 1 0.2 122,400 131,072 1,280

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