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Comment Watch Mad Med and don't do what they do. (Score 1) 1127

Seriously. You have to take this seriously. It's not a fun topic and you can't make it fun. What will you say to the judge in court when you are asked your sexual harassment policy? "We make the men wear silly ties." We are in an era of litigation. Punishing employees like children won't work. My suggestion is have a written policy with an escalation process. Then follow said process. You should already have this and policies for other issues like treatment of people with disabilities. You should also have periodic training/education at least annually. Oh yeah, if you don't already have one, get an attorney and have your policy/training reviewed.

Comment Re:Nuke it from orbit (Score 2) 547

I agree with this. Copy your personal files off... that shouldn't have been there to begin with then scrub the disk. I have about 100 employees and I really don't want to see what they have on their laptops or worry what the big boys up the chain might see. I give them a bootable CD that does one thing: scrubs that disk. I use the don't ask don't tell policy. Whatever you've been doing in that computer, I don't want to know. Go tell your priest. It can be reformatted/reimaged later. Oh yeah, I prefer DBAN... just because of the cool name.

Comment Re:Brilliant! (Score 1) 273

No. The employees get "sold" too. This is the way it's happened in the past starting with the sale of IBM Federal to Loral back in the mid-90's. Later... sale of IBM Global Network to AT&T..... sale of IBM PC to Lenovo. You just simply become an employee of the buying company that may lay you off. Hopefully, the buyer's severance package is better but that's rarely the case.

Comment Nothing New (Score 1) 274

It's all about power. The ability to control or influence the around you. It's often derived from money. In our brave new democracy, we can now get it from votes. All the name calling doesn't matter. Liberal or Conservative doesn't matter. Democratically elected positions of the 20th and 21st centuries look for voting blocks. Appear to impress your voting blocks to keep them voting for you. Take a little from the moderates. After you're elected or re-elected, the world is your chess board. You win by controlling or influencing the most areas (or the correct areas). I see all this happening here.

Comment Creepy but... (Score 5, Insightful) 234

That's why I never send personal email on the company's system. I also don't keep any personal files on the company supplied computer nor do web browsing on it. It's a hassle sometimes, especially when I need to carry around my personal laptop. And, in reverse, I never do "work" on my personal computers. While I don't think my company is spying on me, I go by that assumption because they can start at any time without my knowledge. It's my way of mitigating that risk. In general, I think it's also a good way to keep my personal life separate from work. I learned that years ago during some stress reduction workshops I participated in.

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