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Comment Re:why not just give it to a charity? (Score 4, Informative) 644

Because these are people who are proposing raising INCOME TAX on upper middle class people who work for a living...not that I rtfa, but this is the game that has been played for the past 40 years by these people, so don't expect them to change their tune.

I know reading the fabulous article is passe, but you might want to try it from time to time. For example, had you rtfa you would have noticed that the tax increased don't kick in unless you make more than $655k per year. If that is your idea of an upper middle class income, I would love to have you for an employer. I'd be rich.

But hey, it's not like we can expect you to be informed just because the article is conveniently linked in the header these days.

Submission + - World's Blackest Material is Now World's Blackest "Spray Paint" (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: Sometimes, regular black just isn't good enough. If you're building an ultra-sensitive space telescope, for instance, you want to minimize reflections within that device as much as humanly possible. That's why Surrey NanoSystems released its Vantablack coating two years ago. Now, in order to expand its possible applications, the material is available in a convenient spray-on form.

Comment Re:What about this.... (Score 1) 265

Let's say 1 million people die or are maimed all over the world thanks to human driven cars. How much "carbon emissions" will be caused by all the funerals, ambulance trips, etc. this entails? Couldn't we say autonomous cars will "save" on "carbon emissions" due to avoiding 1 million such experiences?

But you have to also take into account the extra million carbon emitters that you will now have annually. That's a million more people eating food, a million more using electricity, a million more sources of methane, etc. Eventually that will add up as well.

Comment Re:Don't care (Score 3, Insightful) 385

My belief is humans, were conceived in "God's image". That is my belief, you can believe it, not believe something else.

And you can believe it, there's nothing wrong with that. Where it becomes dangerous is when you try to force that belief on others, when you add the word therefore

We're conceived in God's image, therefore

  • * we don't need medicine, we can pray the cancer away...
  • * disposing of that fertilized egg, that will never become a person, is murder...

Comment Re:It matters? (Score 4, Insightful) 385

Polling data matters? How so? And why is it your business whether someone else makes "informed" choices or "uninformed" choices? Other people's choices are not your choices.

If the people making "uninformed" choices are in power or can influence those in power, then they can prevent me from making my "informed" choice and leave my with no choice.

That matters.

Submission + - Hillary Clinton Forwarded Classified E-Mail From John Kerry Private Account (hotair.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The latest batch of emails released from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's home brew personal email server includes an email (pdf) sent from then Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, using an unofficial account. As Hot Air notes, "The e-mail in question has four sections redacted in the body, two of which are explicitly marked as SECRET. The declassification date is 5/27/2036, exactly twenty-five years after the original transmission of the message — indicating that the information within it was classified at that time, not by the Inspector General or the State Department as a precaution on its discovery within the system." Hillary Clinton then forwarded that information to another person in the State Department. Also copied on the email was President Obama's National Security Adviser, which raises the questions of what did the White House know, and when did it know it?

Comment Re: Why SlashDot is broken? (Score 1) 108

10,000 yrs later and all of a sudden society has this absurd calorie counting obsession.

We have to have calories. Otherwise the Food industry couldn't say that the chemical sludge they sell is just as good for you as the stuff a farmer produces.

"See, they both have the same number of calories. Thus they are both equally good for you." - Food Inc.

Comment Re:The Bake Sale Model (Score 1) 285

Part of the problem is the way healthcare is billed in this country.

If I go in and see a doctor, I'm billed for an office visit. If I get a flu shot, which I'm supposed to do every year given my underlying medical conditions, it's a separate billable expense. Take a test, that's another bill. Xray? Another bill.

Maybe we should treat the patient as a whole, rather than as a series of billable events?

Comment Re:i can't even (Score 1) 285

This is so completely and utterly backwards.

Aren't we all supposed to have quality insurance now? Why hasn't this problem gone away? Why are patients still being refused treatment because of economic circumstance?

I can't even.

No, we are all required to have insurance now and it has to include more things. We haven't fixed the ceiling, we've raised the floor.

Sentence: I officially degrade the USA to the status of 2nd world country.

Nope. If we were a 2nd world country (i.e. Communist), then we would have decent healthcare.

Comment Re:They didn't get it perfect. Must be useless (Score 2) 88

So someone comes up with a list of things that might be planets, then someone does further analysis and finds out that some aren't. Even (gasp) 52% of them! Science must therefore be useless.

Just for clarification from TFA, they did not disqualify over 1,000 candidates. What they found was: 67 Binary Stars and 3 Brown Dwarfs out of the 129 candidates they actually looked at.

That seems like an awfully small sample size to me, but hey I'm not a scientist.

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