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Comment Re:I guess there's one sensible solution to this (Score 1) 819

I actually require the tests for people that work with me. Drugs that effect mental processes... Effect mental processes. They impair judgement in my experience and make people unreliable.

Do you also test people for alcohol ?
In a few occasions, I had to work with alcoholics (and one time it was my boss...); they are the worse.

Comment Re:LibreOffice could use an eMail client (Score 1) 294

This might be a good fit.

Yes, but in order to be seen as a Microsoft Outlook replacement, LibreOffice needs more than an eMail client : it requires a good contact manager and calendar, and possibly a "to do" application and a note-taking application. And the ability to sync their data with your mobile phone.

Although I haven't used Thunderbird in a while, I remember why I gave it up : only the eMail client was good (and even excellent in some aspects), the rest was definitely not.

Comment Re:That's the sound of the bubble bursting. (Score 1) 147

Even smart phones really aren't all that different from the PalmPilots we used in the late 1990s.

In the late 1990s, PalmPilots were only PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and not phones.

The first real smartphone I had was a Treo 600 in 2003; but its MP3 player or camera were such jokes that I still had a separate iPod and camera.

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