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Comment The Cloud and MFP Copiers (Score 1) 241

I deal with large MFP copiers that can scan to email and I love "THE CLOUD". Since the two manufacturers I deal with cannot figure out TLS it's a huge issue. Then the IT guys yell at me cause he moved everything without ever asking if our equipment would have an issue.

Good thing Stunnel exists or we would be having major issues.


Submission + - South Park Takes A Few Jabs At Apple, Jobs (

gabbo529 writes: "In the season 15 premiere of South Park, the popular animated satirical comedy took aim at Apple and Steve Jobs. In "HUMANCENTiPAD," Kyle Broflovski, is tracked and kidnapped by Apple employees after he buys an iPad. The Apple employees say he agreed to the recent iTunes terms and conditions, which allow them to test a new product out using Kyle as a guinea pig. The product is a take off on the movie The Human Centipede. In the episode, Jobs is portrayed in a negative light and Apple is shown as a company that tracks everyone's every move."

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