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Comment Re:Pick one or the other (Score 1) 286

Either you get rid of unlimited accounts and charge by the GB, in which case it shouldn't matter to you whether those GBs are from the phone or tethered. Or you restrict tethering because people on unlimited accounts are using too much bandwidth while tethered. Charging for tethering while at the same time charging per GB is trying to have your cake and eat it too. The FTC should step in and make it illegal to advertise bandwidth as "x GB" if the carrier puts restrictions on exactly what is and isn't allowed in those GB. At the very least it should come with an asterisk and a disclosure of limitations at the bottom of the ad. That way people know not to compare GB* to GB.

Good luck trying to impose that. I might be shooting my karma, but what the phone companies are doing is not illegal, and it isn't unexpected. Just like a private person has the right to decide whether you agree to the terms set by contract, the company has right to decide whether to sell you the contract or not. If you do not agree and think this style of contract is making them lose huge amounts of business... Go ahead and start your own telecom company.

Comment Re:Idiocracy is classist bullshit (Score 1) 411

DNA does not care about what a person does for living, nor about their wealth. But suggesting that those who breed less are genetically inferior is jumping to absurdity.

Even natural selection doesn't care particularly about how many offspring an animal gets, what matters more is the chance that the genes will have passed to the future. Even though the rich are a smaller group with relatively little contact to the poorest segments, they are unlikely to disappear as they can afford to defend their rights, both now and for their future offspring.

If natural selection was simply a function of numbers, we (and all mammals at that) have already failed in comparison to bacteria and viruses.

Comment Re:what a great idea! (Score 1) 117

While the joke was appreciated, he did mention that many of the people there that use his service are the ones too poor to pay for newspapers. That was the original reason why he decided to go with this. There are places where people actually cannot afford the paper that the news would be printed on.

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