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Comment Re:Why such paranoia ? (Score 1) 299

Your Streisand effect theory works for widespeard bricking, or say a large protestors at a large protest. But it doesn't work on the small scale. Imagine if some poor schumck recorded video on his smartphone of that cop in Ferguson shooting that kid. They'd brick the phone immediately, eliminating the video, and only leaving the schumck's word that he had the video.

And then the guy would take out the SD Card with the video and give it to the next interested passerby. Or visit a McDonalds and uploads it through WIFI. Or...

Comment Re:Why such paranoia ? (Score 1) 299

Your sarcasm aside, turn the idea around and convince me there is any situation short of an emergency where the big evil government would use this power even if they had it? Bricking phones would Streisand effect whatever situation they were trying to clamp down on. And, it doesn't necessarily prevent data from being exported off the flash drives. I can't imagine this being useful to any sort of authoritarian power in any regular way. Sure you could probably imagine one scenario where they use something like this to stop a story getting out -- but it wouldn't always work, and they would never get to use it again.... This isn't an illegal search of someone's phone, there is no point in abusing the power to brick someone's phone.

Conversely there is very real and tangible benefit to crime reduction.

So, yes, why such paranoia?

Someone leaks sensitive information to the media. Government tracks phone. Government dispatches goon. Government bricks phone to prevent victim from alerting the medial, recording the incident, calling for help, etc. Victim is disappeared.

Yes, this would work if the leaker was alone in the Woods and didn't buy an additional phone due to acting against the government. I guess it's plausible that such a thing could happen, every 100 to 200 years.

Comment Re:Windows 8 app store? (Score 1) 188

Take the absolute lowest Intel and AMD quads, the Atom and Jaguar respectively, and put it against the most expensive top 'o the line ARM quad and what happens? the ARM gets a curbstomping

Wrong, you can see the Atom chips getting smashed by the Exynos 5 chip.

And here in monte carlo and FFT benchmarks.

And here in h.264 encoding, zip compression and PHP compilation benchmarks.

Also here it's more of a mixed bag but the Atom gets thoroughly beaten and the Tegra4 and Jaguar trade the lead.

I understand running a business that depends on PCs is where your obvious bias comes from but the facts don't lie, this isn't to say that ARM is better than x86 but in some cases it is and it most certainly isn't the "curbstomping" you claim it to be.

But your analysis is only correct if you live in the past. With baytrail Intel is again stomping ARM and this is only getting worse now that Intel has set ist sights on this market segment.

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 454

I'm not saying Israel should level the playing field. I'm saying people like you should not blame Hamas for doing what they have to do when they have no other choice.

Ofcourse they have other choices:
      How about not shooting thousands of rockets into israel.
      How about not stashing rockets in schools or building command bunkers under hospitals.
It's not like they are winning anyway.

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 454

Will Israel promise that if Hamas puts all its rocket launchers, military command and control, and military supplies neatly organised in easily identifiable military bases, Israel won't simply send a missile to figuratively cook all those eggs being put in one basket? Will Israel remove the embargo being imposed of Gaza so that Hamas can buy better weapons that they can use to precisely target Israel military installations rather than have to make do with using cheap mortar and rockets that is just as likely to hit civillian targets as Israeli military installations? If Israel is not willing to do the above, then don't complain when Hamas have to improvise just to have a fighting chance of defending themselves.

I never knew that having a fighting chance is a prerequisite to adhere to the rules of war or that it is the responsibility of the stronger force to level the playing field. Well they are levelling the playing field but only one side.

Comment Re:Specifically... (Score 1) 282

Oh, you mean where companies have been illegally classifying permanent employees as temporary? That bit?

Sounds like it's time to outlaw rehire time delays like this, since the scumbags found a loophole.

Or perhaps the solution is to simply outlaw temporary hiring for any company over a certain size, say 200 employees or so.

How is it a loophole for doing something if it just forbids doing exactly that?

Comment Re:Somewhat on topic, 64bit only or still no balls (Score 1) 346

Subject says it really. Win7 shouldn't have shipped with a 32bit version, Windows 8 definitely should not have shipped with a 32bit version and for goodness sakes, Windows 9 most god damned definitely should not be shipping with a 32bit version.

Can we finally get a single unified build here? It's time to let it go.

And what about the baytrail tablets and laptops that only support 32bit?

Comment nonsensical summary (Score 1) 117

"According to Titanfall developer Jon Shirling, the new Microsoft API isn't needed to improve the game's performance, and updates coming down the pipe should improve Xbox One play in the near future. This confirms what many expected since DX12 was announced — the API may offer performance improvements in certain scenarios, but DX12 isn't a panacea for the Xbox One's lackluster performance compared to the PS4." How is the ability of devs to improve their product through convential optimizations a CONFIRMATION that DX12 is no panacea?

Comment Re:Snowden = Traitor (Score 1) 335

Russia has a SOF agreement with Ukraine as a part of the Sevastapol lease agreement - good well past a 2017 renewal. It allows for 35,000 Russian Troops in Crimea. The Russians are legally in Crimea under the same kind of frameworks that legally allow US troops in Bhagram, Afghanistan.

The Crimean referendum is being conducted under the precedent most recently, of Kosovo and South Sudan.

Good for the goose? Good for the gander.

But Putin already told us that those 20.000 troops with russian military hardware that man road blocks and besiege ucrainian barracks are in fact not russian soldiers. Also are you certain that those recreational activities are covered in the lease agreement?

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