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Comment Re:William Gibson (Score 5, Informative) 104

Fix ups are short stories that are later weaved together - often after significant alteration from their original form - to construct a larger overarching narrative. They are not simply collections of short stories. Burning Chrome is simply a collection of short stories, some of which happen to take place in the same Sprawl 'universe'. However there is no overall narrative threading through all of the stories in Burning Chrome.

Comment Re:You've broken comments; BADLY (Score 1) 69

The new design treats the comments as an afterthought. Speaking for myself, I come to slashdot mainly FOR the comments and discussions. The articles are just the seed for the discussion. Why do we need a big honking picture on every story? Won't the story link have relevant pictures?

This new design is simply butt-ugly. Ugly enough to make want to come to slashdot a whole lot less.

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 438

It IS possible... it just might take some perseverance. I work for a German company. We have had many German engineers visiting that ended up buying an unlocked iPhone (and iPad). Last time was just after the latest model came out. All the purchases were direct from the an Apple retail store. Several times it took some wheedling b/c sometimes the 'geniuses' claimed this wasn't possible until they talked to someone higher up.

Comment Obligatory (Score 1) 53

Space Junk (updated)

she was walking all alone
down the street in the alley
her name was Sally
she never saw it
when she was hit by space junk
    in New York, Miami Beach
    heavy metal fell in Cuba
    Mongolia, Saudi Arabia
    on christmas eve said NORAD
    a Soviet Sputnik hit Africa
    India, Venezuela
    (in Texas, Kansas)
    it's falling fast Peru too
    it keeps coming
and now i'm mad about space junk
i'm all burned out about space junk
oooh walk & talk about space junk
it smashed my baby's head
and now my Sally's dead

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 2, Insightful) 238

Having served on two juries in my lifetime (one civil, one criminal) I can attest that in both cases the idiot ratio was definitely > 50%. At least in the criminal trial, what the jury could do was strictly limited by the judges instructions. In the civil case, most of the jurors wanted to vote based on factors that had NOTHING to do with the case we heard. It was a medical malpractice suit and most jurors let their personal experiences with various doctors (good or bad) dictate how they were going to vote, pretty much ignoring the evidence binders and testimony.

Of course one could easily argue I was one of the idiots since I couldn't B.S. my way out of jury duty....

Comment Re:Ahem... it's SF (Score 3, Funny) 798

Now I'm curious what a parasmut novel is.

"He raised his custom matte-black GigaGlock 950 and sighted through the custom Kalishnakova scope. His finger, protected from the moon's harsh atmosphere by his Shinto-Nagakasi Deluxe Combat gloves, tensed on the Bloraskavich trigger. The Kalishnakova was so precise, he could watch his target, sitting atop the Goliathian 4500 heavy tank seven klicks away, light a filtered Tska-Choi cigarette using a MegaBic with custom Tetra-Flint."

Comment Another useful site succumbs to greed? (Score 5, Informative) 202

A friend who manages a restaurant in Watertown MA asked me what Yelp was... She was contacted by someone claiming to be from Yelp with the same pitch.

I knew of Yelp, and used to trust the reviews. But I had already lost respect for them when they obviously sold my e-mail addy, despite claims of confidentiality and my opting out of their mailings.

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