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Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 247

The problem is not that microbeads are a issue in themselves, but more like that thy are a great absorbent of other chemicals. So it makes it a lot easier for chemicals to neter the food chain since many animals would eat fish or drink water that's contaminated with microbeads. And these are chemicals that would otherwise either dissipate or disintegrate from the water treatment cycle or UV rays outside.

Comment Re:Doubtful. (Score 2) 259

It,s a crappy exaggeration... let,s not innovate too much because someone might be left behind! I'm siding with the Google deployment on this one; they offer a better service for what seems quite a bit less money. This has more chance to bring the internet to poorer people than ever before (although only in towns for now, but it is only beginning).

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