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Comment Re:Protect the innocent! (Score 1) 662

I believe in free speech, I believe in libertarian values.

If you think the government should limit the freedoms of responsible adults because irresponsible adults allow minors to find their porn, booze, tobacco, guns, or drugs, perhaps you should reevaluate your belief in libertarian values.

Now, if you think this type of entertainment should not be allowed for adults to consume, that's another matter. But banning it because a child might stumble upon it is completely bogus.

Comment Re:Headstrong.mp3 (Score 1) 375

His daughter probably only wants the one song, not the whole album.

It's not DRM on the music per se, but there are indeed restrictions on distribution which forces many non-US residents to go the pirate route. As for iTunes on Linux, it's not officially supported but I supposed he could access the store using Wine to install the iTunes windows app. But again, it's more convenient to pirate if Linux users have to jump through hoops to buy music.

Comment Re:What does "help the police" mean? (Score 1) 315

20% or more of us feel its their right to download entertainment content. At what point will moral conform to public opinion? Is something wrong when 100% of the people do it? Is it wrong when 50% do it? 49%? When?

With that logic, if 99% of the population supported laws that discriminate based on race, it would be OK. What about if 20% or more of us felt it was OK to kill another person?

You cannot expect a majority infringing on a minority's liberty to decide it is wrong. This also does not mean the minority has free reign to do anything it pleases.

Having said that, I agree that intellectual property laws are too strong, and perhaps should not even exist. However, abolishing particular regulations only happens in a libertarian's wet dream. Therefore, a compromise must be made that weighs the economic impact of copyright, patents, and other IP laws with the natural right to share information.

Comment Re:Public education... (Score 1) 1322

The problem with raising teacher pay is that it will attract more people.

With that logic, we should be lowering the pay for medical doctors. We wouldn't want people who are hungry for money to be saving lives, right? We only want those who love their job enough to be paid meager wages to perform it, regardless of the demand for high quality workers.

Attracting more people to the teaching profession will not filter out those who love teaching. Interviewing and selecting for the most skilled and passionate candidates is a problem all employers face.

Comment Re:Wrong Wrong Wrong (Score 1) 359

The chances of a random collection of notes on a piano being a recognizable song is infinitesimal. Society grants copyrights to works which are not completely random, but have a certain organization of its contents, be it words or music.

Copyright may not be desirable for society, but that is a different argument. Arguing that music is equivalent to a random sequence of 1s and 0s is silly. And frankly irrelevant since people are being caught uploading music on torrents, presumably with evidence that the files they are sharing are in fact copyrighted material.

Comment Re:One way to get more registered voters (Score 1) 1088

How does this one person represent the state when the minority is virtually the other half of the state? Are you saying the wishes of half the state should go unheard? This is a big problem in many voting systems in the US, especially where people are allowed to vote on state legislature. Essentially, 50.1% of the population can decide what 49.9% can or cannot do.

Comcast Apologizes For Super Bowl Porn Glitch 526

DrinkDr.Pepper writes "Just after the last touchdown by the Cardinals, with 3 minutes to go in the game, approximately 30 seconds of pornographic material was shown, seen by an unknown number of Comcast customers in Tucson, Arizona who were watching the game in standard definition. Comcast has apologized (they used the word 'mortified') and is issuing a $10 credit to any customer who claims to have been impacted. Various news accounts suggest that the incident was a malicious act, but no one knows how it was done or by whom."

Comment Re:Parents ARE to blame (Score 1) 737

If you are unsatisfied with the medical care your child is receiving, then as a parent you have a responsibility to get second opinions from other doctors who better serve your needs, whether it be thoroughly explaining vaccinations or determining if your child would be at any risk due to a pre-existing condition.

To throw up your hands and say there is too much to know, and then relying on the advice of friends and family, while ignoring expert advice, to determine the best care for your child is irresponsible.

Comment Re:Different kinds of game music? (Score 3, Insightful) 68

For an exploration type game such as Myst, or free-roaming American RPGs, there is no real set plot or characters aside from your own. These games feature ambient music (minimalistic) that set the mood and tension for cities and dungeons, but they also do not stand out enough to distract gamers from their immersion in exploration.

In addition to exploration aspects, Japanese RPGs feature wide casts of recurring, developed characters important to a fairly linear plot. Having recognizable themes (melodies) for notable characters give them life and enhance the story telling aspect of these games.

Having said that, comparing Final Fantasy with Myst composition based on cultural influences is difficult. And alas, I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I can't name two games useful to compare for your inquiry.

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