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Comment Re: Cache? (Score 1) 63

Honestly I could care less about another SSD technology - having good NVRAM on the memory bus is one of the most exciting things in system design I've seen in a long time.

I may be wrong - but in my experience a minimum of 10% of runtime at load, and at least 25-30% of OS code is all about hiding the fact that storage speed sucks and we have to stuff everything through a storage protocol. New IO designs could open up some very cool technologies that currently depend on clunky NAND/flash limitations.

Comment Re:Posted this a couple of years ago... (Score 1) 217

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry, I was evaluating SSH security protocols and was looking to add moduli generation and DH exchanges last year.

Ideally, it would be nice to generate a high-quality moduli for each new connection. 8 minutes in your case, and more than an hour on an ARM core. Forever in terms of algorithms and network connections.

Comment Re: Don't Know How You Made That Conclusion (Score 2) 217

I've got 383 spams so far today from the new gTLD domains for this one account, it's just not worth the effort. I bounce them back the messages with a contact address "in case you received an error" Not a peep yet.

And this is *after* I rbl and rhsbl filter! I should sell this is a spam feed. 100% fresh, prime grade A spam. Yummy.

Comment Posted this a couple of years ago... (Score 5, Insightful) 217

When the NSA leaks happened, investigates this and promoted this as a possible attack vector.

NOTE - You can generate a new set of moduli like so:

# ssh-keygen -G moduli-2048.candidates -b 2048
# ssh-keygen -T moduli-2048 -f moduli-2048.candidates

Put the results in /etc/ssh/moduli

WARNING: This takes forever. Also, according to man ssh-keygen:

It is important that this file contains moduli of a range of bit lengths and that both ends of a connection share common moduli.

It's not possible to regenerate and share many moduli quickly - hence the reuse of moduli. SSH has support for x25519 algorithms - this definitely means I'll be moving away from pre-computed DH moduli also.

Comment Defeat with a common debugger (Score 1) 215

It would be a little work, but by simply observing the changes in the register file step by step, you could make some good guesses at what instruction was executed. That gives you a portion of the decrypted executable code. If you can get a few 16 byte blocks (AES blocksize), then you can reverse the key.

The other issue is that the only modes they could likely use to encrypt the data would be ECB, CTR or XTS. There are many known attacks on those modes when you have leaking cleartext.

Comment Re:The Dangers of the World (Score 1) 784

Your views are completely understandable, given your situation.

But honestly I think this is terrible - as a society - to know this to be the new normal. This is saying that we have given up as a society on actual premises of society. If we don't believe in safe neighborhoods, respect for individuality, a broad acceptance of differing views and a willingness to demand our basic rights then what is left?

We have given up on a big part of the freedoms we deserve to live our lives as we see fit. Such thinking will propagate upwards into adulthood and across the legal system over time. Viewing the outside world as only for adults is more than a disservice to childhood.

Comment Re:The appcrap boom is over (Score 4, Insightful) 171

Amen! I'm know there were some gems in the rough, and also some amazing apps that I never saw, but by-and-large the emphasis on shiny marketing and top tens over quality has overshadowed the market for a couple of years.

I have some genuine good ideas I'd like to throw at an app, but I'm looking at the market and I don't really want to touch it.

Comment Have they looked in their own backyard? (Score 0) 190

What about the amount of pollutants released with the launch of this satellite? Solid rockets and hydrazine aren't exactly environmentally friendly when you burn a million pounds in 12 minutes. The production of H2 and LOX is pretty dirty also, even if the final product is water.

I may sound a little pedantic, but at least I'm not roaming the globe looking like Chuckles the CO2 clown...

Comment Re: Straight Talk GSM or Ting CDMA (Score 1) 146

I second straightalk. You don't need a credit card - just buy the $45 dollar sim kit and you can choose att, tmobile or verizon - a full month unlimited talk, text, data all included. They also have a 60 dollar international plan.

Don't screw up the activation - dont port your number. Just get a new number - otherwise you have phone hell. And straighttalk phone service is awful. But the phone service is great. Go figure...

Comment What about Ammonia? (Score 1) 659

Not as sleek, awesome or expensive... but Ammonia fuel cells are getting pretty good these days. Ammonia is already produced across the planet as fertilizer by the ton. And it can be produced already using several processes from oil, natural gas, propane, biologicals and of course recycled sewage.

Ammonia has a higher energy density than hydrogen, is easier to store, and can be transported easily at 8-10 bars of pressure. Lastly, ammonia is the second most widely produced commodity chemical in the world.

Only downside, it's poisonous. On the upside, you can easily smell a leak at safe levels 1ppm. I think hydrogen would asphyxiate people if there was a slow leak, as it's odorless.

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