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Razer Unveils Portable Gaming Device Concept 66

MerelyASetback writes "Razer has shown a new concept for a gaming device that uses a pair of 7-inch multitouch displays as well as a layer of tactile, dynamic keys on the lower screen. Much like the Optimus Maximus of yesteryear, this keyboard would enable gamers to place different screens underneath depending on the title, and even within a game — you could imagine the keys shifting to account for different POVs, levels, scenarios, etc. Internally, the concept is based around an Intel Atom processor, but there's no word on what kind of GPU would work alongside of it."

Aral Sea May Recover; Dead Sea Needs a Lifeline 131

An anonymous reader writes "It's a tale of two seas. The drying up of the Aral Sea is considered one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in history, but the northern sector of the sea, at least, is showing signs of life. A dam completed in 2005 has increased the North Aral's span by 20 percent, and birds, fish, and people are all returning to the area. Meanwhile, the Dead Sea is still in the midst of precipitous decline, since too much water is being drawn out of the Jordan River for thirsty populations and crops. To keep the sea from shrinking more, scientists are pushing an ambitious scheme called the 'Red-Dead conduit,' which would channel huge amounts of water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. However, the environmental consequences of such a project may be troubling."
PlayStation (Games)

Final Fight Brings Restrictive DRM To the PS3 240

Channard writes "As reported by Joystiq, the PS3/PlayStation Network version of Final Fight Double Impact features a rather restrictive piece of digital rights management. In order to launch the game, you have to be logged into the PlayStation Network and if you're not, the game refuses to launch. This could be written off as a bug of some kind except for the fact that the error message that crops up tells you to sign in, suggesting Sony/Capcom intentionally included this 'feature.' Granted, you do have to log into the PlayStation Network to buy the title but as one commentator pointed out, logging in once does not mean you'll be logged in all the time. Curiously, the 360 version has no such restrictions, so you can play the game whether you're online or offline. But annoying as this feature may be, there may be method in Sony's madness. "

More Evidence For Steam Games On Linux 256

SheeEttin writes "Back in November 2008, Phoronix reported that Linux libraries appeared in the Left 4 Dead demo, and then in March, Valve announced that Steam and the Source engine were coming to Mac OS X. Now, Phoronix reports that launcher scripts included with the (closed beta) Mac version of Steam include explicit support for launching a Linux version."

Comment Re:Ever done business in China? (Score 1) 338

Hey don't lump ALL Asians into one group. Just among the ethnic Chinese, you have people from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and emigrants around the world. Are you going to argue that Singapore, which has some of the strictest laws in the world including those for littering, has a morality issue?

Religion has nothing to do with "cheating" or not. Its a social phenomenon that has everything to do with being indoctrinated into corrupt, flawed ideology and perpetuated by a dog-eat-dog system.

You just don't go through The Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward and not get totally screwed up by it as a culture.

Comment Re:I Can See It... (Score 1) 441

I once had a half-full bottle of diet coke I had absent-mindedly shoved into my carry-on bag confiscated by airport security. The guy calls out to his buddies "oh snap, we got another one here!" lobs the bottle into the trash, gives me a "you've just been served. move along."-look and proceeds to laugh it up with his co-workers/frat brothers.

The least he could've done is asked if I wanted to finish my drink before I passed through security check. I felt humiliated and emasculated in front of everybody.

I am the farthest thing from a terrorist, but at that moment I was wishing the most terrible things to happen to those security guards. Not only don't I feel any safer with these so-called "homeland security guards" on the job, I feel like fighting AGAINST them. Hows that for effective homeland security?

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